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Applicant Testing

Incorporate Applicant Testing into Your Recruitment Process

One of the best ways to reduce your company’s time to hire is establishing an efficient applicant testing system. Quickly being able to screen candidates based on important qualities will increase the likelihood that you do not miss out on hiring top talent. At VidCruiter, we provide you with a variety of ways to automatically have applicants sorted and ranked based on their responses. We understand that every company has unique criteria and questions they use to evaluate candidates, and our systems flexibility will ensure that you can find the information you need.

Applicant Testing

Standardized Applicant Testing

With VidCruiter’s automated interviewing system, you can ensure that you will be finding the highest quality hires by standardizing your recruitment process. By using VidCruiter, you will be asking every candidate the same question in the same way, which is one of the most efficient ways to identify the most qualified candidates. Standardizing the questions asked to all candidates for a particular position will allow you to sort and rank applicants based on an objective comparison.

Testing Software

Customize Your Testing

VidCruiter provides your company with all kinds of ways to find the information and ask the questions you need. Our system has a variety of common tests set up and ready for your convenience, such as language proficiency, typing speed or transcribing ability. No matter what question you have to ask your applicants, there will be a way to ask it with VidCruiter. You can set the system to automatically filter out applicants with questions, such as checkboxes and multiple choice or even use weighted questions to have the system score and rank candidates. The best part is you do not have to worry about providing a boring candidate experience as you ask your questions in a variety of ways, including using video. With VidCruiter’s question pages, the possibilities are endless!

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