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Quicker Hiring with an Applicant Tracking Software

Managing Your Applicants

You can put away the pens and highlighters as there is a better way to keep track of and make notes regarding your applicants. At VidCruiter, our goal is to speed up your recruitment process by eliminating inefficient practices. You no longer have to waste your time manually searching through piles of paper or filing cabinets as we provide you with an easily searchable candidate database. VidCruiter allows you to easily sort through your candidates by position, stage of the recruitment process or the ratings and tags your recruitment team has applied to an applicant. With VidCruiter’s complete staffing software, you will experience the amazing convenience of a digital candidate database.

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Tag Applicants with Any Skills You Need to Find

With VidCruiter, you can search through your candidates based on your own customized criteria. Our tagging system allows you to apply as many tags as you need to any applicant. Considering that any user can apply a tag at any time, we also provide you with a predictive tagging system to help ensure everyone in your organization is using the same tags for the same skills. VidCruiter will show you a list of your previous tags as you create a new tag for an applicant ensuring you do not have to waste your time merging and standardizing your company’s tags.

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Easily Find Applicants with Special Skills

Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to save tags as skills so you can find what you need at a later date. You can search tags on a one-time basis or even search for applicants using a group of tags to identify candidates that possess a list of required skills. With VidCruiter, your organization will be able will be able to save time by using an in-depth and organized applicant database.

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