Modernize Your ATS, Upgrade to the VidCruiter Platform Today

Compared to old technologies, a new ATS can greatly improve hiring processes.

When applicant tracking systems (ATS) first came to market, the development focused on helping human resource administrators. The system was mainly used for workflow and document management within company premises.

But times have changed, and although there are some companies who choose to use the older systems, ATS is now a recruiter tool and filtering system. The new software can work a lot harder to help your recruiting efforts.

No Need for Old Processes Like Resume Parsing

Resume parsing isn’t necessary for today’s recruiting world. LinkedIn is the most extensive and up-to-date database of resumes and CVs. Professionals looking for a job usually have a LinkedIn profile, meaning all the ATS has to do is search through LinkedIn for qualified candidates, eliminating the need for resume parsing.

Evolve with Online ATS Software

Gone are the days of recruiters going to a particular city for a job fair, setting up a booth and talking with potential candidates. With the internet, many new graduates have taken to social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to post their resumes and find new jobs. At VidCruiter, we stay up to date on the latest recruitment trends and make sure our applicant tracking system can change to suit your needs.

Get the Best Applicant Tracking Software

When you compare applicant tracking systems, you’ll find VidCruiter’s product VidTracking has evolved to be everything managers want from their ATS. The system can be a one-stop shop or an integrated platform. It can track incoming resumes in real time and connect applicants to a company’s profile presentation. Based on specific keywords, VidTracking can automatically email applicants if they deserve a second interview.