Tips for a Successful Video Interview

Conseils pour réussir une entrevue

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular for job interviews.

We at VidCruiter recommend you, the applicant, to follow certain guidelines in order to ensure you have a successful interview.

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Prepare for the Video Interview

  • Research the company and industry like you would for a traditional interview

  • Ensure that your internet, webcam and microphone are fully connected and working properly before the interview

  • It’s preferable not to use public Wi-Fi as the connection may not be strong

  • Arrange with other individuals on the same network to have all streaming services closed (All streaming media like Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

  • Close all other open tabs and programs on your device

  • Update your browser, older browsers can cause problems

Proper Location and Conditions

  • Ensure the lighting is bright in front of you, however avoid bright lighting behind you

  • Do the interview in a quiet area avoiding interruptions (Ex: no animals, no noise)

  • Use a plain background

  • The webcam should have a head-shot view, no lower than your shoulders

Practice, Practice, Practice!

For most people, this would be their first time doing a video interview. To make sure you have great results and don’t give off a negative impression; you will need to practice beforehand. Find some questions online and rehearse them for 2-3 minutes in front of your camera to ensure you feel comfortable. Feel free to keep your cover letter and resume by your side.

After implementing all the required tips and practicing, you will be prepared for your video interview. Most importantly of all, have fun, be yourself and enjoy the process. If you made it this far you’re doing something right!