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Automated Recruiting System

Organize the Automated Recruiting System to Meet Your Needs

One of VidCruiter’s main goals is to apply business process modelling to the world of recruiting. To do this, VidCruiter has created a system that allows you to organize your company’s recruitment in an easy and completely customizable way. The VidCruiter platform is completely interchangeable and can adapt to meet your needs. With our system, you are in charge of what people involved in your recruitment process can do and see. You can grant different departments various access to separate activities and automate the steps to your level of comfort. The entire recruitment process is under your control, and you choose the way in which everything operates.

automated recruiting system

Our Recruiting System Allows You to Choose Who Has Access

When choosing a recruiting system from the available options on the market today, it is important to ensure that it has the flexibility to meet your unique needs. With VidCruiter, every user is assigned a permission level and can be associated with any department or location, ensuring that they only have access to the necessary information. With a simple click of a button, you can determine which individual(s) will manage each aspect of your requirement process. Do you want all of your colleagues to see the applicants, but be the only one with the capability to edit? With VidCruiter, this or any other scenario is possible. Our recruiting software provides you with a limitless amount of options.

automated recruitment system

Get Everyone Involved

It does not matter if you are an executive, manager or recruiter, VidCruiter makes it easy for everyone to get involved in the recruitment process. Old HR practices made it difficult and time-consuming to gather input from other departments. Our Applicant Hiring System makes it easy for your head of sales, marketing director or any other member of your organization to provide their feedback regarding a potential candidate. Automated emails notifications and sharing of candidates’ profiles can even give them access without having to login directly. Not only will your organization save time, you will also save money by improving your hiring decisions with the additional insights from the rest of your team.

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