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Experience Better Results with Automated Recruiting

Faster, Cheaper, and More Reliable

VidCruiter is the first automated recruiting platform in the world. Not only will we help you optimize the steps of your recruitment process, but we will help you automate them to your level of comfort. Recruitment automation will free up time for your recruitment team and enable them to focus their attention towards the qualified candidates. Our features, such as digital interviews, allow us to significantly speed up your recruitment process while enabling you to find higher quality applicants. Reducing the time it takes your company to hire quality candidates will help you become a leader in your field. Automated Recruiting can be a major competitive edge for your company, so why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on this great opportunity today?

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Automated Recruiting Is a Great Idea According to Harvard Business Review:

According to Harvard : “One reason why hiring is even more important now than in the past is because employers do it so frequently: High turnover means continual hiring, and most companies now look outside to fill vacancies for all jobs, not just for those we used to call “entry-level.” Using vendors who have expertise in hiring to aid the process could make perfect sense as a way to get better candidates —and create value.” – Harvard Business Review

Map Out Your Entire Recruitment Process

The first step towards recruitment automation is mapping out your recruitment process step by step. With VidCruiter, you can easily create your own customized workflows. Mapping out their recruitment process has helped a number of our clients identify unnecessary steps and gaps in their recruitment process. Not only will VidCruiter give you a more in-depth understanding of your recruitment process, but we will go one step further and allow you to optimize it fully using automation.

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Helping Your Future Hiring Needs

VidCruiter’s automated recruiting helps you build a great talent database by keeping all your applicants’ information on file. With VidCruiter, you will be able to fill your future positions more efficiently by starting your search with previous applicant profiles.

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