Find a Career at VidCruiter in Moncton, NB

If you’re looking for a job in Canada, Moncton is the best city to find one. At least, that’s according to a Bank of Montreal analysis, published by Huffington Post Canada.

Downtown Moncton New Brunswick

Downtown Moncton, New Brunswick

The report shows New Brunswick’s largest city is jumping past other major Canadian cities – including Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver – to claim the top spot on the 2018 list of best cities to find a job.

VidCruiter has known for a long time Moncton is a great city to build a career, that’s why we choose to set up our headquarters here.

If you’re hoping to land a career in Moncton, check our Career Page for a list of all the jobs available at VidCruiter. Our company is growing fast, and we’re constantly looking for new, talented employees.

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Tamara Gravelle
Tamara is a Content Writer at VidCruiter. She writes about recruitment challenges, strategy and tech trends in HR. She tweets @VidCruiter