VidCruiter has the pleasure of serving clients across the world and in many different languages. This has allowed us to help everyone from small recruiting firms to Fortune Global 500s.

Every day we receive new testimonials of how our recruiting products are changing the way organizations just like yours are hiring. Here are just a few of them…

“VidCruiter allowed us to innovate, and explore a new way of interviewing. We were concerned about how the effectiveness and the quality of the process would be affected by losing the possibility of one-on-one interaction. The truth of the matter is that the tool only made our process better, results were better than expected, and we are glad we decided to try it. We got more than 300 interviews done in just a few days, the assessment process was consistent, and the rating process was simple and effective. Having the video interviews allowed us to review applications as many times as we needed, also to share the interviews with potential managers. Our managers gave us great feedback about the video interviews – they could review them on their own time and they only spent time interviewing those that fit best what they were looking for.

On top of that, scheduling the candidates and doing the first interview would have taken us at least three weeks, with two recruiters and around 10+ interviewers. With VidCruiter, we completed the interviews in about 4 days, and the assessment in a week, with only 2 recruiters and 2 reviewers. I would say half the time, and less than half the resources. Overall a very positive experience. Thank you, VidCruiter.”

“After doing extensive research regarding different companies, we found that VidCruiter had the most robust functionality. VidCruiter offered all that its competitors offered and so much more. With VidCruiter, not only did we create efficiencies using the one-way video interviewing, we were also able to skill test applicants by video.

We could not be more pleased with the improved results we have experienced using VidCruiter. VidCruiter, as a company, is outstanding to work with and we recommend them without any reservation.”

“The applicants that we bring in for an in-house interview has been the biggest improvement due to the fact that you can now grade applicants with a voice recording rather than just relying on what is on their resume.

We would never consider going back to the old way of hiring!”

“VidReferencing has brought new light to our screening process helping us find the most suitable applicants faster and more effectively. After VidCruiter launched the reference checking addition, I realized that reviewing references before meeting the applicant helped when I was on the fence about if I wanted to move forward or not. The references would brag so much about the applicant sometimes that it made me want to meet them right away. Having the option to have references completed ahead of the interview and without even picking up the phone, in my belief, was a jump forward in evolving the human resources role.

We realized that people really think and express their answers rather than rushing through the reference because we may have caught them at a bad time. In the future, I see a great deal of advancement in the HR industries for anyone who utilized VidReferencing to its fullest potential.”

“The reference checking tool has been extremely helpful for us. It provides a seamless approach to getting references. I like the fact the applicant has to be accountable for providing the reference to us, and we can keep these on file in the database. Great job, VidCruiter. Another winning product.”

“Since starting to use VidCruiter, we have saved countless hours on almost every task in our recruitment process!”

“We wouldn’t have gotten our biggest contract of the year, to hire 500 people in 2 weeks, if it wasn’t for VidCruiter.”

“Just to let you know that of the 11 people that I sent the link to, 9 have completed it and one should be done this afternoon.

The responses so far have helped me eliminate 4 from the process within minutes.”

“I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love VidCruiter. It saves me so much time from going through resumes and pre-screening, it’s crazy. Thank you so much for sharing this idea with us.”

“This is a win!

This system allows me to get a better idea and feel about the people we are hiring, in detail, with a much better feel for who the candidate is and what kind of person they are. It’s a new dimension to the candidates. We actually hired two people who would not have been brought on had we looked only at their resumes. Because the quality of the answers were so impressive, they were invited to come in for an interview and hired! They have been working for us ever since, and we are very happy with them.

The excitement about the system, which we got from both our surveys and from every single candidate, also gave a much better brand awareness for us and how we are a leading technology recruiter. This word of mouth advertising and overall better view of the company is another intangible asset.

The % of no-shows from the candidates is usually 1 out of 5, and they got a 1 out of 12 with this system.

We found that getting in contact with the candidates was much easier than it would have normally been and the people they got a hold of were much more responsive than normal. Since getting a hold of people can often take lots of time and even mean working nights, we found that the system allowed for better time management of our recruiter since the candidates were easier to get a hold of. The time savings on this aspect is unknown.

Candidates seemed less nervous in the interview since they had already expressed themselves and felt as if the questionnaires were practice interviews. Also, they felt more confident since they were well represented before the interview and didn’t feel as much pressure.”

“I loved the idea of a video interview! I felt it was very convenient for me and very innovative on the part of the company. More companies should employ this service. I think it would save everyone involved lots of time!”

“Overall I thought this worked very well. It was to the point, short and sweet, and felt like every other interview I have been on, only from the comfort of my home. I like the idea, and I hope to see more companies doing this soon.”

“I loved it. This was definitely, by far, my favorite interview that I have ever had to do.”

“It was a great experience. It seemed so much more personal than answering a bunch of questions online without the anxiety of going in to do an interview.”

“As this was a first for me, I have to say I was impressed by how efficient a concept it was!”

“I felt that this was a very easy and simple process to go through and felt very comfortable with doing this type of interview.”

“I like having the freedom to think about my answers and the time to look over the presentation I’ve made for the interview. I like the flexibility to apply for this job anywhere or any time that’s best for me. I really enjoyed getting to see who I’d be working for before going in for a face-to-face interview.”

“The idea of a video interview is unique and a great experience. With technology in today’s world, it makes it a lot more reliable and fast-paced to accomplish what needs to be done.”

“It was very interesting and unique. I think it is a very novel way to do an interview. It is very 21st century!”

“It’s a great experience and very convenient because it’s out of the comfort of your own home, especially for families that have children. I don’t need to worry about a babysitter and it also makes the person feel as if they are in an actual one-on-one interview.”

“I was quite surprised to find a video interview within the application process! It was an excellent tool, allowing greater thought times and a little less pressure than an in-person interview.”

“They should do this type of interview with all the companies, allowing the applicant to be in a comfortable, non-stressful situation and given time to answer questions with the best response from the applicant to his employers.”

“It was interesting because I have never done this before, and I would do it again. Also, this process saves everybody involved time and money.”

“It’s such a fresh, even fun, way to present your company to job applicants! I really thought it was fun.”

“The best EVER interview experience for me!”

“I thought the interviewers appeared polite, professional, and made the experience a comfortable and pleasant one. I think video interviewing is an excellent and forward-thinking alternative to the old-fashioned way…I was pleased to participate.”

“I thought it was a really neat way of doing an interview. I have never experienced this type before, so it was a very cool experience. It seems like it’s a new way of doing interviews with the technology at hand. Awesome idea! :)”