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We Can Help You Minimize the Impact of COVID-19

VidCruiter is here to help businesses make the transition to remote work/hiring.

To our dear clients and friends in the HR community,


As you’re well aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a serious medical and travel concern. In recent weeks, we’ve been working with hundreds of HR departments around the world who, just like you, are facing unprecedented challenges.


Many organizations are implementing work from home or other social distancing arrangements in response, which can bring on a whole new set of challenges for businesses.


We know how complicated this can be — our team has 100% shifted to remote work already and we’re ready to help you make the transition too.


As leaders, we believe it’s our responsibility to do our part, and to explore all options for how we can help other companies do the same.


While public safety is on everyone’s minds, operations cannot simply come to a halt because of COVID-19.


During uncertain times such as these, VidCruiter can help organizations like yours:


  • Video conferencing to help reduce/eliminate in-person interviews
    • Autoscaling technology to deal with user surge
    • Involve your entire team with one-click instant sign-in
  • Automated scheduling to ensure all your video conferences are set up easily
  • Pre-recorded video interviews enable you to dramatically reduce screening time with large applicant pools
  • Video Proctoring allows you to conduct monitored skills tests remotely
  • Top-of-the-line security measures protect sensitive information while eliminating the threat of uninvited attendees entering an online meeting. We’re one of the most secure digital interview platform on the market with secure regional data hosting to adhere to local privacy laws and regulations
  • Some experts predict an influx of applicants during the COVID-19 isolation period, VidCruiter can help

As we continue to help organizations transition to telecommuting and remote hiring in the coming months, we’re seeing a significant surge in demand. We assure you, we’ve already put in place all the necessary measures to service all of our clients’ needs.

Protect yourself, your candidates and your staff. Let us know how we can help.


Sean Fahey, CEO, and the entire VidCruiter team