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A Digital Interviewing Software with an Advanced Workflow System

A Workflow System Customized to Fit You

VidCruiter’s workflow system is one-of-a-kind. The interviewing platform can be customized to your exact needs. VidCruiter has gone head-to-head against every other recruiting platform in the world, and this feature is what makes us stand apart from the rest. It took us three years to build it!

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Why Is Workflow Important?

With VidCruiter, you decide how you want to work with our interviewing system. We have all the tools you may need, and you choose the output and steps you want to use. Our system was designed with each unique person’s needs in mind. If you need someone to approve an applicant from a mobile device or need only certain groups of people to see certain applicants, we can do it all. Anything you can imagine, our system delivers. This feature is what separates us from all the other tools and is also the most important feature any recruiting platform could have.

VidCruiter’s approach to recruiting was derived from systemic thinking. The way a car manufacturer applies these principles to building cars is the same way VidCruiter’s recruiting platform was built from the ground up, 100% customizable to the needs of the position/organization.

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Automated Workflow

On top of that, we allow automation in every step. Once you configure your workflow for a specific position, our system runs on auto-pilot and makes the entire process work without anyone else getting involved. On top of that, you can save these workflows per-position as templates allowing you to re-use the workflows across your organization once they are built.

Digital Interviewing and Workflow

Our workflow system is exceptional, just like you. With our digital interviewing workflow platform, it allows you to reach your final goals faster than anything else on the market. You choose who has access to what! The workflow process can start with one individual and lead to access to different team members. The amount of collaboration is always your choice. This powerful tool added to a digital recruiting process is what makes VidCruiter the choice of many Fortune 500 companies.

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