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Digital Interviewing Reports

All the Reports You Need

How can you optimize your recruitment process without knowing what is going on? VidCruiter’s customized reporting system will allow you to understand your recruitment process inside and out. Our digital screening system will build you the reports you need to blow anyone in your organization away!

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Make Your Recruitment More Efficient

At VidCruiter, we will not only optimize your recruitment process with our powerful workflow or automation, but we also provide you with the reports you need for even greater efficiency. Being able to analyze your company’s time to hire and see the applicant drop-off rates per stage of the recruitment process can help you identify areas you may need to improve. If costs are a concern, you can access reports regarding your cost per hire or even pinpoint what sources are giving you the best bang for your buck and producing the most candidates. Utilizing VidCruiter’s digital screening system will grant you access to the information you need to save your company even more time and money.

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Reports to Help You Track What Is Happening

VidCruiter’s reporting system will allow to you stay on top of your entire recruitment process. Being able to track how many applicants you had last week or have reports about every email sent from the system will ensure you do not miss a thing. VidCruiter’s reporting engine allows you to have any data point you need at your fingertips. VidCruiter will not only help your recruitment process with digital interviews, but we will also provide you with the customized reports you need.

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