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A Digital Recruiting Email System

Digital Recruiting Provides the Email System You Need

Part of what makes VidCruiter the world’s most powerful digital recruiting system is our advanced smart email system. VidCruiter does not rely on traditional email platforms and can offer you a variety of unique features based on the fact that we have created our own email system. The ability to easily utilize a fully integrated email system will help you avoid experiencing unnecessary headaches while making video interviewing a part of your recruitment process.

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Know Everything About the Emails That You Send

With VidCruiter’s smart email system, nothing about your emails will ever surprise you. You will never have to worry about being uninformed as we can notify you along the way with each message you send. VidCruiter allows you to know where every email was sent, who opened them, whether or not any links were clicked on, and more! In-depth email tracking is one of the many ways that VidCruiter helps you organize your recruitment process.

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Digital Recruiting Needs an Email System like Ours

At VidCruiter, we consider an advanced email system a must-have, which is why we are the only digital recruiting company to provide you with a complete hiring solution all in one. An important aspect of successful hiring is identifying applicants that are taking your recruitment process seriously. VidCruiter flags applicants that are using fake emails and allows you to see which applicants are fully engaged and active in your interview process.

Fully Customizable Emails to Meet Your Needs

To completely meet your company’s unique recruitment needs, we offer you a fully customizable email solution. We understand the variety of emails required throughout the recruiting process and have designed the VidCruiter system to make sending emails to anyone even easier. You can have the system automatically send out emails during any step of your recruitment process. VidCruiter also lets you create email templates that will add information from the system (applicant’s name, position name, etc.), allowing you to send out custom emails without having to manually type each one.

If you want an email system that tells you everything, get in touch with us to book a demo!