How to Create a Digital Testing Center

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Digitizing Your Assessment Center

There are two primary ways to build a digital assessment center:

  1. Create your own digital assessment workflow

  2. Use an existing digital assessment platform

There’s no need to belabor the point here–the first option is possible, but it offers a less-than-ideal solution. In order to create your own digital workflow, companies have to find an individual digital tool for each stage of the evaluation process, then stitch each tool together into a single system. Is it possible? Sure, but manually digitizing your assessment center is time-consuming and likely wouldn’t result in an ideal process.

The Advantages of Using a Specialized Digital Assessment Center Software

By using a software that was specifically optimized for digital assessment centers, you’ll know the process is smooth and you won’t have to waste time setting up and trying to integrate multiple digital platforms. Here are the advantages of a digital assessment center that was designed by a specialized recruitment software company:

  • Take your existing structured interviews and evaluation processes, and import each into a digital platform

  • Allow interviews with as many evaluators as you’d like, without adding additional administrative overhead for each new rater

  • Enable your team to have a custom guide per station or task to ensure proper scoring at each stage

  • Produce data reports that immediately present the best candidate for each position in real time

  • Reduce human error when scoring candidates

  • Reduce the company’s environmental impact by eliminating paper guides

  • Save your team time in terms of setup and configurations

  • Make better hiring decisions faster

Transforming Your Assessment Center Into the Digital Age

Digitizing your recruitment efforts

The primary advantage of a dedicated digital assessment center platform is the significant reduction of administrative-based tasks which traditionally burdened hiring teams. By implementing a specialized digital assessment center software, organizations around the world are continually improving their existing assessment centers or now have the means to include them as part of their recruitment process.

The flexibility of VidCruiter’s structured digital interview platform allows any organization to seamlessly transition away from paper-based interview guides and rating scales that are commonly used to evaluate candidates during an assessment center event. Having an efficient method to collect, store, and filter all of the evaluator’s feedback plays a crucial role in the success of any type of assessment center. Regardless of how simple or complex an organization’s evaluation methods may be, the digital assessment center platform can easily be configured to ensure that the digitalization occurs as smoothly as possible.

VidCruiter’s work with a global financial institution is a perfect example of how simple and successful the transformation to a digital assessment center can be. Based on the pre-recorded video interviewing ROI they’ve experienced using VidCruiter’s video interviewing platform to screen applicants before their assessment center, the organization began looking for more ways that software could improve their recruitment process. After an initial evaluation, the VidCruiter team quickly determined that their assessment center had a number of manual and paper-based processes that were causing a significant amount of unnecessary administrative work. The following year, the organization agreed to utilize VidCruiter’s digital assessment center software for their two-day recruitment event that brought candidates from around the globe to compete for high-level management positions. By transitioning to a digital assessment center software, the organization was immediately able to:

  • Digitize their complete rating process

  • Seamlessly onboard the full evaluation team

  • Provide evaluators with instantly calculated results

  • Reduce manual administrative tasks

At the conclusion of their first digital assessment center event, the organization found that they had eliminated over 50 man hours worth of administrative tasks that the hiring team was required to complete in previous years. The digital assessment center platform also ensured that evaluators utilized more consistent rating criteria and enabled them to provide more concise feedback that ultimately led to better hiring decisions. With the immense success of their first digital assessment center, the global financial institution vowed to ensure that the software would power any future assessment events.

Why Should You Partner with VidCruiter to Improve Your Assessment Center?

VidCruiter’s digital assessment center software is continually evolving to better serve any type or size of assessment center. The ease of implementation and increased efficiency provided by the platform has enabled more and more clients to realize similar results to the above example. If you’re unsure whether a digital assessment center is right for your organization, take a minute to ask yourself these three important questions:

How many man-hours are you contracting out to cover the administrative burden of running your assessment center?

What is that administrative burden costing you in actual dollars? What is your data collection and assessment team costing you?

How has running an in-person assessment center limited your company’s growth?

Whether you represent a large organization or you’re a recruiting firm that moves substantial volume, running these numbers will give you an idea of the value that a digital assessment will provide your recruitment process. Fill out the form below if you would like to further discuss VidCruiter’s digital assessment center with a product specialist.

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