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A Global Hiring Software

A Hiring Software with Worldwide Service

VidCruiter offers leading worldwide customer service in the hiring software business. We provide the best resources that should be all you ever need, no matter where you are located. We have touchpoints and servers located all around the globe to aid with recruiting solutions.

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Service, No Matter Where the Location

With our team located all over the world, we can ensure that every one of our clients will be receiving the best technical service and support. Unlike other hiring software and applicant tracking systems, we have created our system with the intent of working for everyone, everywhere in the world and not just locally.

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VidCruiter’s Hiring Software Works for You, Even If the Applicant Is Across the Globe

VidCruiter allows you to start taking your recruitment to a global level. No longer will you be limited by location as VidCruiter will allow you to find quality hires anywhere in the world. Whether the applicant is located in the same country, or across the globe, VidCruiter has you covered. That is a promise! A key advantage of VidCruiter’s hiring software is the ability to connect with people located anywhere, without paying for costly transportation. We created our impressive worldwide service with the intent of allowing you to draw from a global talent pool, without spending the time and money to drive or fly to meet with them. You no longer have to waste your resources on travel costs while screening candidates. VidCruiter makes sure you only commit your time and money to quality candidates and do not waste any on unqualified applicants.

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