VidCruiter also offers Live Video Conferencing Recruiting Solutions.

Video Interview as Many
People as You Like

You often have to video interview quite a few people to find the ideal hire. At VidCruiter, we don’t place limits on the number of applicants that you can screen for any position. Interview as many as you need, as often as you need, taking the time to do it right.

Ask as Many Questions
as You Need

Decide how few, or how many questions you need to cover to decide if a person is qualified. There are never any arbitrary limits on the number of questions you can ask applicants. You are free to be as complete and detailed as you need to be.

The Option to Re-Record and Record under Pressure

We offer both! Many people believe having applicants not be allowed to re-record their answers is good. But applicants don’t! So we offer both. Our video screening process can be catered just how you want it.

Allowing Re-Recording

If it’s your first time doing this kind of thing do you really not want to give people another chance? If you have to record a new voicemail every morning how many times does it take you to get it right?

Recording under Pressure

We can set a timer to allow applicants a count-down and then they get a 1 time shot.

Client Testimonial

“After doing extensive research regarding different companies, we found that VidCruiter had the most robust functionality. VidCruiter offered all that its competitors offered and so much more. With VidCruiter, not only did we create efficiencies using the one-way video interviewing, we were also able to skill test applicants by video.

We could not be more pleased with the improved results we have experienced using VidCruiter. VidCruiter, as a company, is outstanding to work with and we recommend them without any reservation.”

Fortune 500 Client

Procurement Officer

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Watch at Your Convenience

Spending hours meeting with candidates who will not properly represent your business can be an expensive and exhausting process. With our video interviewing options you can watch, review or skip applicants’ video interviews at your leisure.

Online Video Interviewing Platform Capacity

In most cases prospective clients don’t even consider “capacity” when looking at a online video interviewing platform. VidCruiter realized early on that bandwidth would be a hot topic when choosing a provider. Our system was built from the ground up with this in mind, and as a result, enables organizations to interview thousands of people worldwide simultaneously without concern.

Playback an Interview as Often as You Wish

With our online video interviewing platform you can watch the interview as soon as an applicant is done or refer back to it later, as many times as you like. Unlike in a phone interview, where you might forget something, now you can refer back to exactly what was said at any given time.

Client Testimonial

“The applicants that we bring in for an in-house interview has been the biggest improvement due to the fact that you can now grade applicants with a voice recording rather than just relying on what is on their resume.

We would never consider going back to the old way of hiring!”

Bruce Tobin

Head Recruiter

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Get a Total Assessment of a Candidate

Video Interviewing provides you with the ability to make a selection call based on qualitative data that is not apparent on paper (resume). Many qualified candidates are overlooked when solely basing your judgement on their resume. With a video interview you get a more bird’s eye view of the candidate giving you the ability to make better hiring decisions.

Create a Larger Pool of Potential Hires

Being pressured to hire someone within a defined time frame and lack of options can lead to bad hires. With our online video interviewing platform you can pre select and tag candidates’ entire profile, allowing you to review past candidates complete profiles including video interview submissions instead of remembering what their resume looks like. A larger pool of candidates already interviewed and waiting to be reviewed is always a good thing.

Candidates Prefer Video over Phone Interviews

Candidates can sometimes be annoyed by the application process; especially the high potentials. Our research shows that candidates prefer the video interview process over phone interviews.

Mobile Friendly

The entire VidCruiter platform is optimized to work on mobile devices, but we also provide a mobile application that ensures your candidates have a better quality video interviewing experience. The VidResponse mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices and will provide your applicants with a seamless video interviewing experience from their smartphone or tablet.

Client Testimonial

“We wouldn’t have gotten our biggest contract of the year, to hire 500 people in 2 weeks, if it wasn’t for VidCruiter.”

Sharon Mercer

Owner of Recruiting Firm

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Save Travel Time and Money

We all want to decrease our impact on the environment, and video interviewing does just that. By interviewing your candidates online, you cut down on travel costs involved with meeting bad candidates.

Share Interviews with Others

With video interviewing you can share an interview with as many people on your team as you want allowing them to provide their input in the decision. They can even rate and rank each candidate.

Time Zones Become Irrelevant

Coordinating an interview with someone in a different time zone is hard. By having candidates record their interview on their own time, you can review when you are ready. 3pm in Beijing is 3am in NY. Video recruiting has never been easier.

Safe and Secure Information

Our cloud computing safely stores all of your information and data for you so you don’t have to worry. Our online video interviewing platform has you covered. You own the data so we keep it for as long as you want us to

Client Testimonial

“The reference checking tool has been extremely helpful for us. It provides a seamless approach to getting references. I like the fact the applicant has to be accountable for providing the reference to us, and we can keep these on file in the database. Great job, VidCruiter…another winning product.”

Sheila Herod

Talent Acquisition & Development Manager

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Never Forget an Interview Again

You may not be able to remember everything a candidate said during an interview, it’s normal, and that’s ok. With online video interviewing you can review the interview as many times as you want allowing you to truly evaluate a candidate’s response to your question.

Never Forget to Ask the Right Question

You know often times you think of that great probing question AFTER the applicant is gone. Now you can think of them BEFORE you meet them! Another way VidCruiter is changing the way video interviewing is done.

Fully Integrated with Our Other Tools

Our online video interviewing platform is the only one of its kind to have the power of an applicant hiring system behind it. This may not seem like a big advantage but in reality this feature is the reason people use VidCruiter. You not only get the most advanced video recruiting technology in the world but on top of that you get a system (in the back end) that allows you to do all sorts of amazing things. If you can think it, the system will do it.


Our system allows your applicants to practice before they start. They get to watch a tutorial and ensure they actually know what they are doing…

World Class
Rating System

Fully customized rating system with your branding. We make it easy for you to rate any applicant at any stage. You can even customize who sees which applicant and which answers. Our rating software works for you and configures to your needs.

Client Testimonial

“VidCruiter allowed us to innovate, and explore a new way of interviewing. We were concerned about how the effectiveness and the quality of the process would be affected by losing the possibility of one-on-one interaction. The truth of the matter is that the tool only made our process better, results were better than expected, and we are glad we decided to try it. We got more than 300 interviews done in just a few days, the assessment process was consistent, and the rating process was simple and effective. Having the video interviews allowed us to review applications as many times as we needed, also to share the interviews with potential managers. Our managers gave us great feedback about the video interviews – they could review them on their own time and they only spent time interviewing those that fit best what they were looking for.

On top of that, scheduling the candidates and doing the first interview would have taken us at least three weeks, with two recruiters and around 10+ interviewers. With VidCruiter, we completed the interviews in about 4 days, and the assessment in a week, with only 2 recruiters and 2 reviewers. I would say half the time, and less than half the resources. Overall a very positive experience – thank you, VidCruiter.”

Fortune 50 Client

Head of Recruitment

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