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Online Interview Templates

All the Templates You Will Ever Need

Not only will you save time using VidCruiter’s advanced workflow and automated recruiting you can also further optimize your time with the use of templates. VidCruiter offers a variety of different templates covering everything you may require as well as giving you the ability to create your own. Our online interview system is consistently adding new templates to suit your needs. Have something in mind that’s not already offered? Let us know and we can add it in!

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VidCruiter Allows You to Make Your Own

Interested in creating your own template? With VidCruiter you have the ability to take your own perfectly created hiring process and use its elements over and over in the future. You have the option to start with a blank position or speed up creating your new positions by using templates. The VidCruiter platform has 3 different types of templates to fully meet your needs and allow you to create anything you require. Everything you do can be saved as a template: Interview Questions, Groups of Questions, Complete Interviews, Complete Hiring Process… EVERYTHING can be saved and used again with just one click!!!

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Interview Templates

Why not save time with our online interview templates? Ready for you to use at your convenience. You will find any type of template you may need, whether that’s online video interview questions or something else. No more wasting time having to develop your own interview templates when we have pre-made options available. After all…time is money!

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