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Grow your business while improving your client’s hiring process with VidCruiter’s Cloud-Based Applicant Hiring System.

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Simply put, we are making an aggressive push to grow our reseller channel. This move benefits you, the Software Reseller, giving you High Margins, Short Sales Cycles, Great Partner Resources and Tools, and the BEST Applicant Hiring Platform in the world to sell to your customers, existing and new!

The Benefits

We want to share the wealth in this $124 Billion industry… and we will give you ALL these tools PLUS MORE just for signing up to help get you started!

  • High margins – probably the highest in the industry!
  • Recurring Revenue Model
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If you want to learn more about how our reseller program can allow you to integrate the best in hiring tools with your current offerings, and be highly profitable, give us a call or email using the details above. Alternatively, you can register for the program. Once registered, we will show you product demos and give you the fine details of how our program works, why customers love our products, and how you will be successful.

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