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Most of these features come standard when you purchase our recruiting software.

Applicants Love Us!

A digital interview provides your applicants with the best possible candidate experience.

Templates, Templates, and More Templates

We will have you set up in no time by using a wide variety of online interview templates.

Social Profiles

For those of you that want to look into the applicant’s life online, we find all their social profiles and place them at your fingertips. Learn more about video hiring.


Your branding is preserved throughout the recruitment process, including every webcam interview.


VidCruiter has some of the highest security standards for video interviewing in the industry. Learn more about our secure video interviews.

Data Backups

We hold on to your videos for as long as you want. All your data is yours. Learn more about our digital interview software.

Device Flexibility

The recruiting software can be accessed from multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Locations / Departments

Our platform can be divided into separate areas. In short, you don’t see what you shouldn’t! Learn more about our automated recruiting system.

Worldwide Service

We also have touchpoints (CDNs) around the world to offer the best possible service for all your worldwide recruiting needs. Learn more about hiring software.

Organized Notes

VidCruiter’s reporting tools let you make notes right in the system to share and refer back to when you need them. Learn more about our video recruiting platform.

24/7 Client Support

Our clients receive 24/7 support to ensure their online video interview and recruiting needs are met.

Better Quality Employees

A better process means better employees every time. Learn more about our interview software.

Video conferencing

Speak internally through video! Learn more about video conferencing.

QR Code Already Included

You can have the option to post content with Quick Response Codes. Learn more about mobile recruiting.

Mobile-Friendly Apps

Allow applicants to apply through their mobile device or create your own custom recruitment app. Learn more about mobile recruitment.

Applicant Tagging

Create tags and find what you are looking for faster. Learn more about our applicant tracking software.

Interview Scheduling

No more wasting your time scheduling interviews or playing phone tag. Simply set your availability and the system will automatically look after all your interview scheduling needs.

Social Sharing

Share any content you need to on any form of social media. Learn more about recruitment software.


Want to track everything? We allow you to do this super easily. Learn more about our digital interviewing software.

Resume Searching / Parsing

Our database will allow you to search any data in any resume for the position you are looking to fill. Learn more about resume parsing.

Track Any Recruiter at Any Time

See who is doing what inside of the system so that you are always on top of your department. Learn more about our recruitment tracking system.

Multi-Language Company

All our recruiting solutions can be customized to meet your language needs.

Multi-Lingual Applicants

We offer the ability to allow applicants to apply in the language of their choice with all products. Learn more about our recruiting solutions.


Our video interview software was built to accommodate every user.

Easy to Learn

Available training sessions and modules will help get you started in no time. Learn more about our easy video interviews.

Build a Candidate Pool

With VidCruiter, you can keep candidates’ profiles and references filed away so you can return to them when a position suddenly becomes available. Learn more about automated hiring.

Rating System

Our advanced rating system allows you to rate every pre-recorded interview and so much more.


We have a dedicated worldwide team to help you with your hiring in many ways. Learn more about our video interviewing platform.

Faster Hiring Times

No other solution in the world can hire as fast as we can with the same level of quality and thoroughness. Learn more about video recruiting.

Guaranteed ROI

We guarantee you will save money in your recruiting department using our products. Learn more about our video interviewing software.

Your Reports Are Ready

Our software supplies you with an easy-to-use reporting system. Learn more about digital interviewing.

Smart Email System

Keep track of all emails with our email system. Learn more about digital recruiting.

Automated Recruiting

There is no easier way to save time and money than automated recruiting.

As Many Career Pages as You Want

Post as many career pages as you need to. Learn more about our video screening software.

Dashboard Wall

Keep track of everything on your own dashboard wall. Learn more about automated interviewing.


Our team is adding new features weekly!
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