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Easily Accessible Recruiting Software

You Can Access the Recruiting Software from Any Device

Not only was our system built for computers, but it was also built to work on tablets. VidCruiter prides itself on always keeping up with the latest trends and technology.

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VidCruiter’s Interview Platform Is Available for On-the-Go Recruiters

Whether you prefer to use tablets or smartphones, and no matter what brand of device you favor, we’ve got you covered! We refer to ourselves as “the year 2050 of recruitment”, while most other platforms are stuck in the ’90s. VidCruiter’s platform was specifically built to work effortlessly on all forms of technology. It does not matter whether you are using our asynchronous video interviewing or our applicant hiring system, we have it covered. It is just one more way VidCruiter can help you!

VidCruiter Allows Your Team to Work from Anywhere

Your recruitment team members no longer have to be slaves to their computers and can enjoy the benefits of mobile recruitment. With VidCruiter, your team can access applicant information from their mobile devices. Our mobile-friendly design enables you to review and perform many recruitment duties from any mobile device. You do not have to let your busy schedule or travel hold up your recruitment process as VidCruiter gives you access on the go.

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Applicants Are Accessible Anywhere with VidCruiter

With VidCruiter’s interview system, applicants are able to apply to your job postings anywhere they have access to Wi-Fi! Our platform works with all tablets, laptops, desktops, and smartphones! This is great news for candidates who will not have to worry about compatibility with their device of choice.

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