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Multilingual Recruiting Solutions

Your Recruiting Solutions in the Language(s) You Need

We have clients from all over the world, therefore the VidCruiter system has been explicitly designed to cater to a diverse set of needs. No matter where you are located or what language you speak, VidCruiter has you covered! Our interview software is already available in most languages, not only for your recruitment team, but also for your applicants as well.

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Available in Eight Different Languages

If you require a language that we do not already offer, we can set one up! Currently, VidCruiter’s software is fully optimized to work in English (US and GB), French, Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Swedish, German, and Portuguese. Upon request, we generally have the ability to add any language within a week turnaround.

multilingual recruiting solutions

You Can Choose Your Language

The entire VidCruiter platform can be offered in any language you may need. It does not matter if you are using our live video interviews, onboarding software, or any other of our many features, your dashboard will be set up in the language you need. VidCruiter’s language adaptability will ensure that you and your recruitment team will easily learn the system and be able to work efficiently.

Bilingual Applicant Experience

At VidCruiter, we understand that you may be interviewing applicants from a global talent pool. You can give each applicant the option to apply for a position using the language of their choice. Not only does the option to choose a language provide a better experience for the candidate, but it also ensures that your company complies with language laws (i.e. In Canada, certain positions are required to allow applicants to choose either English or French.) You do not have to worry about a logistical nightmare as the system will automatically merge all of a position’s applicants into the appropriate folder, regardless of the language they used.

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