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A Recruitment Software That Tracks Everything

Easily Manage Your Recruiting Department

With VidCruiter, you are able to view everything that is going on within your recruiting department. VidCruiter’s timeline allows you to make sure nothing is overlooked and everything is completed. You have the ability to sort the timeline in a variety of ways, which allows you to easily access any information you may need. Collaborating in person takes time, which is why we set up our interview tracking system to allow you to stay on top of the video hiring process.

recruitment software tracking

You Choose Who Has Access to the System

The great thing about VidCruiter is you have the choice of who can be involved in the recruitment process, as well as the option to view everything that is going on! Unlike traditional recruiting, you have the ability to allow recruiters to provide their input all in one system. Whether they are located in the main office or across the world, we have got it covered. The ability to easily track everything is a feature that managers especially love!

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Everyone Can Be Tracked on One Timeline

With VidCruiter, we provide the option for you to allow various employees access to the system. We have our own timeline, just like some social media sites. This results in more opinions, which ultimately means better results. If you want to know who did what for which applicant on any specific day, we have got you covered. VidCruiter’s timeline is also a great way to hold your recruitment team accountable as all their activity can be tracked. In the timeline, you can track everything! Two heads are better than one.

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