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VidCruiter is proud to have worked with non-profit organizations all over the world to help streamline their recruiting efforts and hire the best possible people to achieve their goals.

Whether it’s video interviewing, automated reference checking and scheduling or applicant tracking, VidCruiter has the tools your organization needs to be successful.

Save on recruiting costs with online interviews for non-profits

Non-profit organizations often don’t have the same budgets that large companies benefit from when it comes to recruiting their staff. With VidCruiter’s video interviewing platform, non-profits can save considerably by cutting down on recruiting costs like airfare, scheduling, meals, hotels, ground transportation etc. Whether it’s pre-recorded or live video interviewing, VidCruiter can help non-profit organizations hire the talent they need without breaking the bank.

Quickly Filter Through Volunteer Applications

You can’t make any mistakes when it comes to vetting volunteers. With VidCruiter’s recruitment software, you can interview potential volunteers at your convenience, cut back on wasted time, review many applications fast, send groups to team leaders automatically, and have access to video interviewing software. VidCruiter will also allow volunteer organizations to easily check as many references as you need with an automated reference checking solution.

Effectively Gauge Personality and Cultural Fit

It takes a certain type of individual to dedicate their time to working with a non-profit organization. Video Interviewing is the best way for hiring managers to get a total assessment of their candidates and make informed hiring decisions. With VidCruiter’s hiring platform, you can easily and effectively gauge an applicant’s enthusiasm, professionalism, demeanor and much more before bringing them in for a final in-person interview.

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Special Non-Profit Pricing

Considering the fact that non-profit organizations do not always have the big budgets that other companies may have, VidCruiter is proud to offer the same world-class product and industry leading service levels that we give to our biggest clients to non-profit organizations at a special price that easily fits into their budgets.

Find Out More About How VidCruiter Can Help Your Non-Profit Organization

Above and beyond offering adequate video interviewing solutions to help your non-profit organization hire better people, VidCruiter also provides additional tools to help at every other stage of the hiring process. Whether you are looking for an applicant tracking system, skills testing software, automated reference checking or scheduling, VidCruiter’s complete recruitment software will help streamline your entire process.

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“We first contacted VidCruiter to help us develop volunteer recruitment software for a project that would require the intake and management of over 300 volunteers. The software not only satisfied our needs but exceeded them as we learned the possibilities.”

Chris Robicheau

Chair – Volunteer Recruitment and Accreditation
Canadian Track and Field Championships

“VidCruiter was able to provide us with more for less money. They also were more flexible and offered to give us a trial rate with the option to add on more if we were happy with the product. Lastly, they offered us a discount for being a non-profit organization. We were happy that we were able to get a very robust platform for much cheaper than the other platforms we had looked into.”

Janet Kim

Recruitment Specialist
University of Hawaii

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