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Offshore Hiring and Remote Support Teams Are Becoming Increasingly Common in Modern Businesses.

More and more, mid-to-large size companies are electing to outsource their contact centers to countries like the Philippines, India or Vietnam for various roles such as tech support, customer service, lead generation or offshore bookkeeping services (among others). While outsourcing can give you access to a highly skilled and affordable workforce overseas, it can also, not surprisingly, present some challenges when it comes to recruiting. Nevertheless, outsourcing is rapidly becoming a standard in certain industries. The good news is, with VidCruiter’s virtual interviewing platform, companies can effectively cut down on long-distance recruiting costs by meeting with remote applicants easily and efficiently in the most secure online environment on the market.

So, if your candidates are located in a different country and time zone, short of getting on a plane, how can you see and talk with them? The Internet and cloud-based software like VidCruiter’s video interviewing platform means that companies can effectively cut down on long-distance recruiting costs by meeting with remote applicants easily and efficiently in a secure online environment.

Of course, with any new process change, there are always challenges, and we wanted to talk about them below:

8 Common Recruitment Challenges When Hiring Remote Teams Overseas

1. When Screening Applicants for Outsourced Remote Teams, Recruiters Waste Considerable Amounts of Time

clock on pink and blue background, recruiting takes time

When companies who outsource certain jobs to foreign countries are working with large applicant pools abroad, it is generally a waste of time for recruiters to interview each remote applicant individually, at least in the early stages of the hiring process. Not to mention, coordinating schedules to set up one-on-one interviews can be exasperating.

Solution: Vidcruiter Pre-Screens Overseas Candidates for You with One-Way Video Interviews

The solution to this problem is simple: include asynchronous video interviewing into the mix to further screen and pre-qualify remote applicants before committing time out of your busy day to a one-on-one virtual interview. Don’t bother meeting with someone until you know you actually have a qualified candidate.

2. Language Barriers and Cultural Differences Can Be Problematic When It Comes to Recruiting Offshore Employees

multiple nooks to illustrate language barriers

Depending on where your clients are located, the level of language proficiency and certain cultural differences can be an issue when it comes to hiring overseas. In most cases, your remote team will be operating and communicating with your customers in their second, third or even 4th language, so vetting communications skills meticulously is crucial before making hiring decisions.  

Solution: Evaluate Remote Agents’ Communication Skills Adequately with Video Interviews

Pre-recorded or live video interviews enable recruitment teams to get a complete understanding of remote agents before making a hiring decision. Allow yourself to step into your customers’ shoes and experience for yourself your remote team’s ability to communicate before they are hired. With VidCruiter, validating communication skills has never been easier.

3. Offshore Applicants in Some Remote Locations Have Limited Access to the Required Technology

typewritter to illustrate old tech

The reality is, when you’re hiring in remote parts of the world, applicants don’t always have access to a computer and/or webcam with a reliable internet connection to complete video interviews.

Solution: Mobile-Friendly Live Video Conferencing and On-Demand Interviews

With the VidCruiter platform, applicants can go through the entire process and complete their video interviews from any device. Our entire recruitment software offering is completely responsive and available on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. VidCruiter is built on a WebRTC platform, which means applicants don’t even need to download anything to join a video interview, making interviews in remote locations even easier.

This being said, while advanced economies still have the highest rates of technology use, smartphone ownership and internet access/usage continues to climb steadily even in the most remote countries and emerging economies.  

Backup Automated Audio Interviewing System When All Else Fails

In the event an applicant cannot gain access to a device with video capabilities, a backup automated audio interviewing system is available to you to ensure everyone has a fair chance and you never miss an opportunity to explore potential talent.

4. Free Virtual Conferencing Services Offer Inconsistent Video Quality, Especially in Locations Where Internet Connectivity Is Limited

Have you ever had connectivity or video quality issues while in the middle of a Skype Interview with a candidate in a remote location? Well, you’re not alone, free video conferencing tools like Skype, Google Hangouts or Facebook’s video chat feature, while convenient, don’t offer consistent video quality, and when used for job interviews the applicant experience is often negatively affected as a result.

Solution: Interview Remote Agents with the Most Advanced Video Interviewing Technology on the Market

VidCruiter’s video interviewing tools are built on a WebRTC platform, which is on average six times faster than most video providers on the market and offers optimal quality for successful online interviews every time, no matter where in the world your offshore applicants are located.

To make it even easier for offshore applicants, they don’t even need to create an account in order to use the VidCruiter Platform. This makes for the easiest and most professional user experience available on the market. They simply register within the VidCruiter platform by entering their name and email and move on to complete their application form or video interview.

5. Scheduling Interviews Across Numerous Time Zones Is Complex and Time Consuming  

many timezones make collaberating hard

Coordinating schedules with applicants in remote locations can be complicated, inconvenient and very time consuming. Multiple phone calls and/or long email threads are often necessary just to set up an interview time that suits both the recruiter and the applicant.

Solution: Overcome Time Zone Differences with Vidcruiter’s Automated Scheduler

With VidCruiter automatic scheduling tool, it doesn’t matter which time zone your applicants are located in, simply pre-set your availability in your own time zone and have respondents from anywhere in the world schedule themselves for a live video interview when it’s most convenient for them. Stop playing long-distance phone tag with your overseas applicants and struggling to coordinate schedules across multiple time zones, whether it’s a live video conference, a group interview or a panel interview, our scheduling tool makes it easy for you to meet your applicants no matter how far away they are.

6. Skills Testing at a Distance for Offshore Candidates Is No Easy Feat

Without the proper tools, it can be difficult to evaluate an applicant’s skill set in a timely and cost-effective manner when they are located at a distance

Solution: Use Custom Skills Tests to Evaluate Offshore Applicants’ Expertise and Guarantee the Perfect Hire

Accurately gauge your candidate’s linguistic skills or computer literacy with typing tests, excel proficiency tests or work samples. Better yet, get a broader understanding of an applicant’s personality, level of professionalism, and work ethic with psychometric or behavioral assessments. Whatever the aptitudes you want to measure, VidCruiter can help implement your custom skills test seamlessly throughout your recruitment process to help you get a total assessment of what your remote applicants are capable of.

Want to take it one step further? Get an even better feel for what your remote applicants have to offer by getting them to complete short time-sensitive projects so you can rate their overall efficiency and quality of work all at once.

7. Not Enough Collaboration Between Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Overseas Consultants

business collaberation among co workers

When it comes to hiring offshore teams that will be working with little-to-no supervision, it’s important to screen and qualify these individuals thoroughly. One way to do that is to have multiple people weigh in on the interview process. Having said this, unless several people at an organization take time out of their day to interview remote agents themselves, there is not a lot of room in the traditional recruitment process for collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers and overseas consultants.

Solution: Involve as Many Reviewers as You Wish With Shareable Applicant Profiles and Position Links

To facilitate collaboration within your hiring team, VidCruiter’s easy-to-use recruitment software enables you to have as many decision makers as you want weigh in on an offshore applicant’s interview, no matter what country they are located in. Simply share a single candidate’s profile, or have multiple hiring managers review and score all offshore applicants for a particular position, in either case, collaboration between your international team members has never been easier.   

8. Overseas Consultants Don’t Always Have Your Best Interest in Mind

In some cases, when dealing with external recruiting consultants in foreign countries, hiring decisions are made without the company’s best interest in mind. Some overseas recruitment  consultants will recommend employees based solely on their relationships with the applicants rather than their actual qualifications. In these instances, the overall quality of hires is compromised and the company is often left to deal with the aftermath of sub par hiring decisions.

Solution: Live and Pre-Recorded Video Interviewing Tools Allow Hiring Managers to Be More Hands on When Hiring Overseas

VidInterviewing enables you to save video logs for future reference as well as sharing and collaboration between local consultants and hiring managers, allowing you to efficiently monitor and weigh in on the entire recruitment process from a distance.

Outsourcing is here to stay!

“The jobs of the future will have very little to do with processing words or numbers (the Internet can do that now). Nor will we need many people to act as placeholders, errand runners or receptionists. Instead, there’s going to be a huge focus on finding the essential people and outsourcing the rest.

So, are you essential? Most of the best jobs will be for people who manage customers, who organize fans, who do digital community management. We’ll continue to need brilliant designers, energetic brain stormers and rigorous lab technicians. More and more, though, the need to actually show up at an office that consists of an anonymous hallway and a farm of cubicles or closed doors is just going to fade away. It’s too expensive, and it’s too slow and cumbersome.

Fifteen years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Ten years before that, we didn’t have the Web. So who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now?  One thing for sure is that it will not look the same as now. No one is going to pay you just to show up. We will see a more flexible; more freelance, more outsourced, flat structured more collaborative and far less secure work world. It will be run by a generation with new values — and women will increasingly be at the controls.”

  • Martin Conboy, Director Asia-Pac

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When it comes to hiring offshore employees, not having the right recruitment software tools can end up costing your organization a lot more than it should to find the right person. Not surprisingly, if you are consistently hiring overseas, it would cost a fortune to meet these individuals in person every single time, and that’s exactly where VidCruiter’s full suite of online recruitment solutions redefine your recruitment tool-kit.

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