Complete Hiring Software To Help Recruiting Agencies Place Candidates

Impress Your Clients with a Database of Qualified Candidate Video Profiles

Complete hiring software package

VidCruiter’s first client was a global recruitment firm that specializes in recruiting 1000s of people per week.

This forced us to build an advanced and fully customizable video hiring solution that works for all types of clients, especially recruiting firms.

Video Profiles for Your Applicants

Video profiles

With VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviewing solution, it’s easy to share candidate profiles with your clients and other hiring managers to help in the decision making process. Not only will Video Profiles offer you more of a complete view of your candidates as they progress through the hiring process, but you will be able to review and screen them a lot more efficiently, and a lot faster. Have your candidate data automatically saved in the system and build a bank of qualified candidates that you can review as needed.

Widen Your Applicant Pool and Interview More Candidates

Widen applicant pool

VidCruiter’s on-demand video interview solution allows you to screen candidates and evaluate their qualifications at a much faster pace than in a traditional interview scenario. Because your recruiters are no longer wasting valuable time conducting telephone interviews, your team can actually filter through a lot more candidates, thus increasing your chances of finding top talent.</p?

Recruiting Firm Pricing

Flexible pricing

VidCruiter’s pricing structure offers flexibility for recruiting firms, along with a strategic partnership that will help them grow their business and maintain their reputation by consistently making the best possible placements for their clients and providing a world-class candidate experience that stands out from the crowd.

Go Paperless!

Paperless workflow

With the assistance of VidCruiter’s recruitment software, your firm can transition seamlessly to a completely paperless workflow. Finished are the days of sifting through endless resumes and taking interview notes with a pen and paper, the VidCruiter platform will allow you to modernize your hiring process and improve productivity at the same time.

Eradicate Personal Bias with a Structured Interview Methodology

Structured interview methodology

With a traditional interview process that is often founded on an unstructured interview methodology, the interviewer’s hiring decisions can easily be influenced by unconscious bias. With no objective assessment structure for candidates, the potential for personal bias in the decision making process is significantly increased. Structured digital interviews allow hiring managers and reviewers to focus on the important things: the candidate’s qualifications. In a structured interview, applicants are scored, ranked and selected to move forward in the hiring process based on objective rating scales.

Learn More About VidCruiter’s Work With Recruiting Firms

Recruiting firm tools

VidCruiter has the tools to assist recruiters at every step of the hiring process. From applicant tracking system, to pre-recorded and live video interviewing, to automated reference checking and skills testing, your team will have all the tools they need to recruit in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Easily Conduct Online Panel Interviews

Online panel interviews

With VidCruiter’s video interviewing software, you can easily involve as many evaluators and reviewers as you need in the interview process. Whether your client or a fellow recruiter wants to join an online panel interview in real-time or if you simply want to share a candidate’s pre-recorded video interview, you can easily involve as many reviewers as you need in the decision making process.

Online Recruitment Software Designed To Help Recruiting Firms Place Candidates More Efficiently

VidCruiter has worked with all kinds of recruiting organizations, from headhunters to local staffing firms to global recruiting agencies. The VidHiring platform is the perfect recruitment software tool kit for modern businesses. Not only will VidCruiter help ensure your firm is making the best possible hiring decisions for its clients, but the candidate experience will also greatly improve as a result.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.