How can you optimize your recruitment process without knowing what’s going on?

VidCruiter’s customized reporting system will help you understand your recruitment process, which can help drive your organization towards profitability.

Make Your Recruitment More Efficient

At VidCruiter, we provide you with the reports you need for even higher efficiency. Being able to analyze your company’s time to hire and see the applicant drop-off rates per stage of the recruitment process can help you identify areas you may need to improve. If costs are a concern, you can access reports regarding your cost per hire or even pinpoint what sources are giving you the best bang for your buck and producing the most candidates.

Reports to Help You Track What Is Happening

Being able to track how many applicants you had last week or have reports about every email sent from the system will ensure you don’t miss a thing. VidCruiter’s reporting engine allows you to have any data point you need at your fingertips.

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How to Use HR Analytics for Organizational Growth

Human resource analytics can be a strategic tool for growing a business. These metrics provide a coherent look at a workforce and can include data on costs of compensation and benefits, performance, and competency. The data can also be broken down into categories such as demographics and departments.

Reports come Standard with Recruitment Software

VidCruiter’s recruitment software will make sure you keep up to date with all your reports, but it can also do much more. Discover how to make your hiring process more efficient and accurate.

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“VidCruiter allows our recruiters to get strong, additional data points on applicants before investing too much time on a candidate. This ultimately means we can pass better files on to hiring managers.”

Anthony Buatti

Director of Recruitment Operations
Mastery Charter Schools

“We get all the information we need from the candidates as opposed to our recruiters doing the pre screening interviews. It saves us a tremendous amount of time. All the information we need is in one spot. Great for profiling.”

Janet Joyce

Corporate Recruiter
Advantage Communications

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