Dedicated Secure Data Hosting and Storage with the Most Trusted Recruitment Solution

No Need to Worry About Online Threats with Our Security Measures

Secure Recruitment SoftwareVidCruiter’s platform features top-of-the-line in security thanks to our advanced system and experienced team.

We guarantee our platform adheres to the HTTPS and other security protocol. Our recruiting software follows all security standards to keep you protected. We also adhere to any particular security needs you require. With our global clients, we have strict protocols in place depending on the jurisdiction and local laws, no matter the size of the company.


Most Secure Digital Interview Platform

Secure Digital Interview Platform

By implementing the highest security standards in the industry, VidCruiter has become the most secure digital interview platform on the market. With secured data-hosting, strict access management controls, and regular security updates, VidCruiter has prioritized the safekeeping of all client data.

Certified to Follow Strict Security Standards

VidCruiter follows the video interviewing industry’s strictest security standards, including an OWASP integrated SDLC, to ensure all client data remains secure. Currently, VidCruiter is SOC2 certified and is undergoing ISO 27001 and NIST certification audits.

Video Interviewing Industry Security Standards

Data Center Monitored 24/7

Secure Data Center

All of our hiring software utilizes secured data centers that are strictly monitored 24/7 and include internal supervision over all networks. Access to these facilities is limited to authorized individuals and logs are kept for each person who gains access to the systems. The records are also reviewed regularly to identify any irregularities.

Secure Hosting From Amazon

We host all our data on the Amazon Web Services network, which provides consistent, secure data access and real-time data backups. Secured hosting through AWS has enabled VidCruiter to offer an uptime rate of more than 99 percent.

Amazon Web Services

Data and Information Security

VidCruiter Data Security

We store all data in the most secure centers and the video hiring industry’s strictest policies and procedures are in place. Measures such as data encryption while in transit and at rest, firewalls, in-depth security information, and event management controls to ensure the highest levels of data security.

Reliable Backup System

VidCruiter maintains strict real-time data backup on all servers, networks, and systems. In the case of an unexpected attack, event or disaster, everything is programmed with fail-safe procedures to keep all data secure, updated, and pushed to secure loss prevention servers.

VidCruiter Data Backup

Network and System Security

VidCruiter Network Security

All of our recruiting solutions employ top-level network security and system protection, including encryption algorithms, firewalls, counter network invasion systems and around the clock surveillance that permits quick identification. Our system also alerts security professionals of any malicious software or unforeseen event.

Regular Infrastructure Updates

Our operating systems, libraries, frameworks and all other systems are regularly updated and revisited with security experts for the optimal modifications. With these procedures established, VidCruiter can offer the most up to date, secure and user-friendly experience for every client.

VidCruiter Infrastructure Updates

User Security

User Security

Global security controls allow users to manage and inspect data access, keeping information confidentiality a high priority and always under strict surveillance. With regular security audits, policy revisions and confidentiality agreements users must confine to, user information and data is safe and secure.

These Security Benefits Come with our Recruitment Software

The best online security available comes standard with VidCruiter’s recruitment software. Learn more about how this system can help revolutionize your hiring process.


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