Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Recruitment Platform Experience

Use the best recruitment processes

Attract the best employees to your organization with these tips

Recruiting with online software is the best option to get better applicants while saving time and money. But there are often things overlooked by managers which could affect the quality of the hire. Here are some tips to get the best talent working for your company.

Attract the best employees to your organization with these tips and tricks

Many organizations use social media to help them understand the applicant behind the resume. When it comes to scoping out a potential candidate on a social networking platform, you can’t focus on qualities such as sexual orientation, race, religion, marital status, etc. If you do want to use social media to screen a potential employee, meet the candidate first. Doing this reduces the risk of judgment and will allow everyone to get a fair shot.

Utilize Branding Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to brand your business throughout the recruitment process. Your brand is the first thing most candidates come in contact with, so you need to make sure it’s powerful. All brands start with the culture of the business. A strong corporate culture, enhanced by a positive branding message, makes people want to work for your company.

Be Sensitive to Body Language and Gestures

Gestures and body language seldom lie. At work, it has a direct bearing on professionalism, appropriateness, and productivity. Video interviews allow you to see the applicant and read their body language, telling you if they’re confident or timid, professional or inexperienced.

Apply Business Process Modeling to Recruitment

Recruitment process modeling

Business Process Models are common in operations management but rarely transcend into all areas of business. But the steps of a company’s recruitment process can be mapped out and analyzed. A Recruitment Process Model will let companies develop a workflow system, automate tedious actions, and eliminate inefficient processes.

Hire for Company Culture, Not Just Skills

Human resource management trains for skill but hires for corporate fit. You can have the best chief executive officer in the world, but if they don’t fit in the culture, they’ll do more harm than good. Instead of focusing on job descriptions, focus on the comfort level of prospective applicants and what it means to get them in the ranks.

Use Current Employees in Hiring Efforts

Current employees can be a great networking tool for recruiting. By asking staff or offering referral bonuses, you can take advantage of the employee’s connections to recruit friends, former classmates, and colleagues.

Look at Candidates with Education and Work Experience

What most recruiters are looking for in an applicant is a combination of experience and education. Your ideal candidates will likely be people who worked during school or have worked while keeping up with trends and technologies, getting additional training when needed.

Always Do Exit Interviews

Man doing exit interviews

Exit interviews can tell a business a lot about the state of the employee mindset. These conversations are an excellent way to pacify disgruntled employees, get ideas for better staffing practices, or expose brewing problems inside the organization. Exit interviews can also help managers develop sounder succession planning and prevent a talent exodus.

Offer Coupons to Rejected Applicants

Sometimes, a rejected applicant will develop a disdain for the company. For retail businesses, this could mean the loss of a customer and, potentially, their friends and family. VidCruiter’s applicant tracking system automatically sends an email to rejected candidates, but you can personalize or add a coupon (percentage of your choice). Doing this could help keep a positive impression on the candidate and keep them as a customer.

Appeal to Glocal Candidates

Businesses need to get the best people possible, which means you need to expand your candidate pool to encompass applicants from around the world. Companies which prefer homegrown talent can stifle expansion efforts by not encouraging international applicants.

Spend Less Time On Unqualified Candidates With Filtering Questions

The use of screening questions will help narrow down your applicant pool to qualified candidates. VidCruiter’s filtering questions can automatically remove applicants who do not meet minimum job requirements, such as legal age or certification level.

Make a Hiring Decision Fast Without Impacting Quality

Making fast decisions

You miss the opportunity to hire highly-skilled workers and risk an economic loss if a critical position isn’t filled fast. But you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for speed. There’s a careful balance each business needs to find to help solve this issue. VidCruiter’s hiring software can make doing this easier for hiring managers.

Add Company Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are fantastic tools for an organization to create an impact on prospective customers, business partners, and job applicants. It enables you to shed light on your team, what it does best, what it is like to work with you, and what applicants can expect from the job.

How to Handle Employee Termination

Employee termination can be emotionally charged. Managers should approach the process with objectivity, professionalism, and respect. If terminating an employee for a misdemeanor, make sure you collect evidence including documents such as performance reports. If terminating due to reorganization or downsizing, explain this in full. In all cases, make sure the employee receives what is deserved for their performance and go over the pension, applicable benefits, and unemployment insurance. Make sure there’s time for the employee to gather personal items and ask them to surrender company property.

Hiring Software for Catching Liars

There are some strategies you can use to help detect potential employees who are being dishonest on their resume. Re-watching interviews while resume parsing makes it easy to cross-reference information and note discrepancies. The automated reference checking tool also helps identify inconsistencies in answers from the applicant and their references. VidCruiter also tracks everything during the recruitment process, including if an applicant leaves the browser multiple times during the video interview. If this happens, it could mean the person is searching for an answer to a question online.

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