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Find Perfect Students with Online Video Admissions

The VidCruiter video admission platform is revolutionizing the way students apply to universities, colleges, and other educational institutions. Video-based screening tools can replace outdated practices and provide admission offices with an efficient way to screen students while improving the quality of the student body. By adding video essays to the enrolment process, admission offices receive an insightful and authentic impression of each prospective student.

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Customizable to Your Admissions Process

This system is designed to work for student recruitment. It can be modified to fit your needs and automated to your comfort level. This platform can incorporate critical aspects of your admissions process including branding, application steps, and pre-existing candidate rating rubrics. This software will also integrate into established enrolment methods used by post-secondary education institutions. We understand the number of applicants and seats available can alter, depending on the faculty. Therefore, the scopes of this program can broaden or narrow, depending on the needs of the department.


Reach as Many Potential Students as Possible

Post-secondary education institutions are always hoping to reach the best students to represent their school. This software helps make that possible with the pre-record feature. Students can record their application answers from any time-zone, and you can review it when you’re ready. The platform is also available in multiple languages, so you don’t have to restrict the prospect pool by country or language.

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Applicants Show off What They Do Best

With video screening, applicants will be able to present themselves in a comfortable environment. You don’t have to worry about a student’s nerves affecting what’s important: their knowledge of the program they’re hoping to attend.


Available for Use on Every Device

This software is available for use on every mobile device, tablet, and computer. Admissions officers and applicants alike can use the software at any time from any device.

Device Flexibility


Applicant Fraud Detection

Fight Against Fraud

There are multiple anti-fraud tools in this system, reducing the chance of selecting an unqualified student for a program. By adding interacting or skill testing scenarios, the software can help you identify fraudulent candidates. If the automated system finds a misrepresented applicant, admission offices will receive notification immediately.


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