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Platform Overview

The VidCruiter admissions platform is revolutionizing the way students apply to universities, colleges, and other educational institutions around the world. The video-based admissions screening tool replaces outdated practices and provides admissions offices with a more efficient way to screen students and improve the overall quality of the student body. By adding video essays into the enrollment process, college and university admissions offices receive a more insightful and authentic impression of each prospective student.



Admissions Process Modelling

Our enrollment platform gives university admissions offices a more insightful and authentic impression of each applicant through its video enrollment features. This software can be customized in almost any way to best suit the need of each admissions office. The powerful workflow system can also be tailored to meet each program’s unique needs and automated to the desired level of comfort. This platform can easily incorporate key aspects of your university’s admissions process including branding, typical student application steps, and pre-existing candidate rating rubrics.

Admission Process


University Admission

Intended Users

We offer a video admission software built with the intentions of being integrated into already established enrolling methods used by universities, colleges or any other institution. One of the many uses of our video interview system is the capability of being employed to benefit your screening methods of students for competitive programs. We understand that there will be a high volume of candidates that apply to a limited amount of available seats. One of the features we include in our enrolling software is the ability to function for broad or narrow scopes depending on the program or faculty it is being used for.


Create the Perfect Video Interview

When utilizing our interview platform, you are capable of customizing the interview process to meet all your requirements. Vidcruiter understands the variety of elements that each program can accommodate, which is why we allow you to completely adapt the interview to meet the needs for each of your available curriculums, enabling you to express each of your programs accordingly. Furthermore, another benefit of customization is the ability to brand your institution during the entire digital interview, immediately engaging applicants into the culture of your institution.

Video Interview


Device Flexibility

A Convenient Interview Software

Another feature our video interviewing software offers, is the ability to be used according to you and your candidate’s device of choice. Vidcruiter is optimized to be used securely on any device, essentially creating a bigger candidate pool for your program by ensuring applicants always have a method of completing the interview. This feature also brings another positive aspect, with device compatibility you can conduct, review or have general access to all online interviews whenever and wherever you are.


Enabling a Global Reach

Whenever you are taking applications, your goal is always to have the best candidates that could potentially represent your institution. Using our video essay software, you can ensure this philosophy by making time zones irrelevant with students capable of taking interviews according to their schedule. Moreover, our platform is offered in multiple languages, and our team is consistently adding more. All of these elements combined allow for you not to be restricted by your country or language and thus reaching all of the top prospects in the world.

Multilingual Interview Platform


Applicant Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

When building a platform focused on admissions, Vidcruiter made sure to include multiple anti-fraud tools. While using our interview software, your institution can reduce the chances of an unqualified applicant being chosen by inserting interactive or skill testing scenarios into the digital interviewing process our software can quickly help you identify fraudulent candidates. If there is a misrepresented applicant found by our automated systems, you will be immediately notified.



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