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Video Hiring Includes Applicants’ Social Profiles

Quickly Access Applicants’ Social Profiles

Tired of wasting time searching each applicant on social media? No problem! We will have everything ready for you so you can spend less time searching and more time getting things done. The VidCruiter system automatically finds all publicly available social media accounts associated with an applicant’s email address. You don’t have to spend your valuable time scouring the internet for an applicant’s publicly available social media profile since VidCruiter grants you access with a simple click.

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Save Time Searching Applicants’ Online Lives

In today’s recruiting world, most recruiters want to see the applicant’s online life. Social media accounts give you the option to view a more personal side of the candidate and provide you with a more complete understanding of their personality. Social Media accounts are especially valuable if your company has a strong focus on company culture and employee fit. With VidCruiter and our video hiring system, we offer the option for you to view all the applicants’ public social profiles and put them at your fingertips. Any applicant can possess basic work skills and tons of applicants may have the attributes you are looking for. Social Media accounts can be a great way to distinguish between candidates beyond the basic screening. Clients have noticed that some candidates display inappropriate behaviors that would not be a good fit for their company culture after viewing their social profiles. Utilizing Social Profiles will provide you with more information than a resume ever could. VidCruiter created Social Profiles based on the goal of creating a video recruiting software that helps you identify higher quality applicants.

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Reveal More About Your Company with Branded Videos

The moment the applicant begins to use our interview system, they will be able to learn more about your company and brand if you make use of our video messaging capabilities. Our system allows you to place videos of your team and your culture at any time during the application process. The branding will deliver your message clearly to the applicants and will help them determine whether or not they will be a cultural fit.

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