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Video Interviewing Is Great for Conferencing

Video Conferencing Is Included

Not only can you use our product for live video interviews, but you can also use it to communicate internally. Many of our clients love this product so much that they are now using it to speak to each other.

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Our System Is Safe and Secure!

Unlike other free video conferencing systems out there, our system is completely safe and secure for your company. VidCruiter goes even one step further and provides you with a video platform, complete with your company’s unique branding. You no longer have to worry about finding your colleagues’ usernames or having to download software because we make it as simple as signing in. You can be sure your recruiting process is finally optimized as your entire recruitment team can easily keep in touch. It doesn’t matter if your team is spread across a country or around the world, we will help make sure everyone can be there!

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Video Is Essential for Communicating

Sometimes email just isn’t enough to communicate certain information. By including our video conference system, your recruitment team will be able to access face-to-face videos or group conference calls. To ensure your message is properly delivered to exactly who you want it delivered to, our video conferencing system also includes a private chat option. VidCruiter’s private chat allows you to type messages or even record videos and share them with select individuals. VidCruiter’s digital recruiting platform makes it easy for your team to interact and keep in touch!

If you are interested in a hiring system that provides you with everything you need, including a video conference system, connect with us and book a demo.