Eliminate Hiring Bias with Video Screening Software

Hire without glossing over potential employees based on personal bias

Want to Eradicate Discrimination in Your Hiring Process? Video Hiring May Be the Answer

One of the most important roles Human Resources professionals have is to protect employees from discrimination. At no point in an employee’s journey is this responsibility more critical than during the hiring process. From the first email to the day a new hire steps through a company’s doors, every touch point along the way matters.

Throughout the past decade, few industries have innovated as much as the Human Resources industry. Today, more than 84 percent of organizations say they leverage social media for talent acquisition. A 2017 Deloitte report found that 33 percent of survey respondents use some form of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the hiring process – including the use of robots. And a growing number of companies are leveraging video technology as a way to interview candidates.

How Can Video Interviewing Prevent Discrimination?

As technology presents new solutions, it’s important for all companies to ask the question: Does this new tool support our efforts to hire the best talent while preventing discrimination?

The short answer is “Yes.” Many different agencies are starting to see the value video hiring has for fighting discrimination. In fact, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a letter to the public in 2010 stating video interviews do not support discrimination as long as no discriminatory questions are asked.

Here are six other ways conducting video interviews can help your company make sure your hiring process is as fair as possible:

Eliminate personal bias: When a candidate conducts an online interview it can be shared with multiple hiring managers at any time, eliminating the chance that the candidate will experience discrimination due to one manager’s personal bias. When you have more people voicing their opinions, you’ll have distributed decision making, which always leads to less bias.

Establish a consistent rating methodology: Video recruiting software makes it possible to establish and leverage fair and consistent evaluation methodology. This ensures that each candidate is being evaluated against the same standards. A structured digital interview system, that can be used with either live or in-person interviews, is the best way to achieve this goal.

Stop discrimination in its tracks: When an interview takes place between two people behind closed doors, it can be impossible to know if discrimination took place. By using video recruitment software, managers can review and recognize when discrimination is happening during an interview. Once discriminatory actions are identified, the business can focus on training the current staff to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Conducting interviews with video recruitment software makes it easy to spot and stop discrimination immediately.

Ensure questions are streamlined: While structured interviews may be policy at your organization, sometimes conversations take off and the interview ends up being less structured than planned. The best way to ensure structure is to use pre-recorded video interview software, which asks each candidate the same questions in the same order. The software also saves time by allowing applicants to record when convenient, while recruiters can watch all the videos when they have time.

Offer each candidate equal time with key stakeholders: How many times have you invited a candidate to meet with a senior leader, only to learn that the leader suddenly can’t attend the interview? Video interviewing ensures each candidate has an equal opportunity to be seen and heard by key decision makers.

Avoid a home court advantage: No two experiences leading up to an interview could differ greater than that of a local candidate versus that of one who has traveled to get there. A local candidate likely took familiar streets to your office, while a candidate who flew in may arrive flustered from travel. Video recruiting software streamlines the interview process so geography doesn’t impact candidates’ interview experiences.

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