Are You Spending Too Much Money on Candidate Travel Expenses Early in the Recruitment Process?

Spend less on recruitment travel expenses

Why Bringing in Every Candidate While You Are Still Qualifying Them Can Destroy Your Hiring Budget

It’s important for recruiters to be able to be able to meet their candidates face-to-face before hiring, but with younger generations more willing to move for work, the travel expenses to meet these candidates can pile up fast. The problem amplifies for companies that are still performing in-person interviews at the qualifying stage. Companies which choose to do this are flying in candidates for the first in-person interview of the recruitment process, the expense of which can add up quickly. The more great candidates who apply from out-of-town, the more you’ll have to pay to meet them all.

Beatrice had received sticker shock in her personal life occasionally, but this was the first time she experienced it at work. As vice-president of human resources, one of her tasks is to approve the department’s budgets and monitor them to ensure there would be no risk of going in the red. While doing her mid-year check on the budgets, she was surprised to find out the department had almost completely gone through the allotted budget for candidate travel expenses.

Confused as to why this has happened and wondering if a mistake had been made, she calls her senior recruiter, Violet, into her office, hoping she’ll be able to shed some light on this.

When asked if the numbers were accurate, Violet confirmed they were and asked if Beatrice had looked in the candidate travel expense reports recently. She admitted she hadn’t, distracted by other tasks in recent months. Violet is in charge of filling out the reports but does not have access to the department’s budget so she didn’t know too much money was being spent.

Beatrice finds the reports in her electronic files and pulls it up for them to review together.

“I think what’s going on is a lot of these candidates are young, energetic, and smart,” Violet explained. “We think they’re going to be great employees and want to meet them in person, but we’re getting more and more out-of-town applications so we have to fly these people in to make that happen.”

Beatrice glanced at the “stage of recruitment” column and saw many of these applicants were only at the first in-person interviewing stage. “How many of these people move on to the finalist round?” she asked. “Probably about 30-40%,” Violet said, noting it depends on the applicant and the job they’re applying for.

“So, we’re flying these people here, paying for their hotel, and most of them aren’t going to be finalists?” Beatrice rhetorically asked. “And those who do get the finalist interviews, we’re flying them out for a second time? There’s got to be a better way to do this.”

Beatrice assigned Violet to do some research and have a report completed by the end of the week compiling examples from other recruitment teams on what they do when candidates from away make it to the first round of in-person interviews. Beatrice thought these candidates would be worth flying out for finalist interviews, but it costs too much to do the same for the qualifying stage.

“Try to find a solution that isn’t just another phone interview,” Beatrice instructed Violet. “I want these candidates to have the same experience of an in-person interview without actually having to fly them here.”

Live Video Interviews Allows Recruiters and Candidates to Meet “Face-to-Face” Without Being in the Same Room

When Violet does her research, she’ll discover the solution to this problem is live video interviewing. This video interviewing software will allow her to interview candidates face-to-face from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need to fly them to you for an in-person interview. Also, because the applicant is actually meeting a recruiter, they are provided with the same positive candidate experience.

Because Beatrice now understands the return on investment from live interviews, it will save her money in the long run. She decides to put this in place for the qualifying interviews but will keep flying in finalists. Although there will still be some travel expenses, the cost will decrease significantly by meeting only the best of the best in person.

Continually paying for travel expenses to conduct in-person interviews early in the recruitment process can get extremely expensive. Book a live demo of VidCruiter’s recruitment software today to learn about the various ways that your organization can significantly reduce its recruitment costs.

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