FAQ for On-Demand Interviewing

On-demand interviewing frequently asked questions

During VidCruiter Product Demos, we get a lot of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from recruiters and HR professionals. We decided to share them to help you make better decisions about our products. Our goal is to help you understand why our tools are beneficial.

Below you will see our commonly asked questions about our Pre-Recorded Interviewing tool, VidInterviewing. These were all documented during our Product Demos.

Potential Client: “Customization is key since we have many different job postings with different requirements, so a standard solution won’t work.”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter allows you full customization of the platform, but more specifically, all the questions, timings, and recording attempts in a pre-recorded video interview are customizable on per job basis.”

Potential Client: “That’s great to know!”

Potential Client: “My recruiter is overbooked playing phone tag, sending emails, rescheduling interviews, and it’s taking away from some of the other important tasks that need them to focus on.”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter shifts the responsibility of the interview to the applicant, freeing up your recruiter’s time and allowing you to decide when to look at the video responses.”

Potential Client: “I am more of a fan of using a one-way video interview tool like this, I definitely see how this could help us!”

Potential Client: “Our jobs require a significant amount of skill in different areas, how can we filter that right from the start and save time on bringing people in?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter can help you create what we call ‘knock-out’ questions which require you to apply your skills and knowledge on the spot in the on-demand video interview software.”

Potential Client: “That’s such a nice feature to have!”

Potential Client: “It would be great if we could still have a visual presence during the interview, is there a way to do that with your video interview software?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter allows you to embed videos throughout the process, whether it’s a company culture video at the start or a team member asking the questions on the video hiring platform.”

Potential Client: “Oh wow, that’s very cool!”

Potential Client: “We have a large number of applicants who speak Spanish, what kind of support do you have in other languages?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter offers support in a number of different languages. Applicants have access to 24/7 support in English, French, and Spanish with a one-minute turnaround time on all tickets.”

Potential Client: “I’m impressed, this is by far the best one-way interview software on the market!”

Potential Client: “I am concerned applicants doing this will try to find the answers on the internet before they answer the questions.”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter will track an applicants progress, including whether they have left the pre-recorded interviewing software window.”

Potential Client: “So, if an applicant leaves the interview and search for an answer on Google, the system knows? That is incredible!”

Potential Client: “Is moving to a one-way video interview tool going to let people share our interview questions with their friends who are also applying?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter has a randomizing feature that makes it difficult to cheat. Each question can pull from a bank of interview questions eliminating the possibility that two applicants see the same interview questions.”

Potential Client: “I have not seen that kind of cheating protection in any other providers at this time, great!”

Potential Client: “I am worried that some of our hiring managers are rating based on their personal and not professional opinions, but I have no way of knowing this.”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter gives you the data to investigate these issues by allowing you to see rating scores side by side from hiring managers, allowing you to notice patterns you would never have seen before.”

Potential Client: “This is great, to finally be able to get some feedback on bias.”

Potential Client: “I’m worried some of our applicants may not know how to proceed with pre-recorded interview software, costing us a potential candidate.”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter has a tech-check for applicants before they start the one-way interview. This will ensure they have all the equipment necessary to proceed and that it is working properly.”

Potential Client: “That’s actually great! Wouldn’t have thought to have something like that!”

Potential Client: “When applicants get an email from your one-way interview software, do they see your name or ours?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter allows you to customize your links and your domain names, so you can make it whatever suits your needs and the applicant won’t even realize the systems are separate.”

Potential Client: “That is an essential level of customization for us.”

Potential Client: “It’s not always necessary for our hiring managers to see every single detail and rating of an applicant, how can I limit it to just what they need to review?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter will allow you to customize the view you send to your hiring managers. Based on this, you can pick what parts they see, ensuring it’s relevant to their task.”

Potential Client: “This will increase our response times during the hiring manager stage review!”

Potential Client: “We hire a lot of interns and MBA graduates in every department. Can we customize their questions on a per department basis, since one set of questions won’t work?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter offers customizable options for the job itself and even job type, allowing you to build out job postings that drill down further than just intern or MBA graduate.”

Potential Client: Asynchronous video interviewing is the perfect solution for these high volume hires!”

Potential Client: “I am often sending candidates to hiring managers who declare proficiencies on their resume they cannot demonstrate in-person; this reflects negatively on my department. Help?”

VidCruiter Response: “When using VidCruiter’s skill-based or knock-out questions, you test for aptitude in ways that require detailed feedback. This lets you know whether a candidate knows their stuff and allows you to move past unqualified applicants.”

Potential Client: “Everyone says they’re an expert, now we will actually know.”

Potential Client: “We sometimes require applicants to provide credentials, like their driver’s license at the start of the application process, can we still do that if we move to one-way interviewing?”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter makes this even easier than before, allowing applicants to upload directly to the on-demand video interview software, while you get the added benefit of having all this documentation in one spot.”

Potential Client: “I cannot believe we’ve gone this long without something that does this!”

Potential Client: “I am worried that adding a new service or platform will further complicate things, we already have some much to deal with.”

VidCruiter Response: “VidCruiter’s Recruitment Process Modeling builds to your process and helps automate tasks that demand your time. You could even create a workflow that gives you your recruitment tasks for the day, all in one spot.”

Potential Client: “Ah, I see. Finally, something that has to adapt to us and not the other way around.”

**Note: All of these organizations became VidCruiter clients.

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