Have You Ever Forgotten to Ask an Important Question During a Screening Interview?

Stop missing important questions

Why Missing a Key Question During a Screening Interview Can Harm Your Hiring Process

Higher demands from the industry and hiring managers mean recruiters are regularly overwhelmed with detailed tasks. With specific details coming from multiple managers, it can seem near impossible to keep up with all the requests.

Difficult details and staying organized, however, is easier than recruiters thought possible thanks to a quick and simple solution to staying on top of their game.

In an all too common scenario, recruiter Nathalie finds herself at work with more requisitions than she can count, one of them being the job of hiring a new sales manager. She has managed to get through to the screening stage of the process and has her phone interviews booked for the day. Just as the interviews are about to begin, the hiring manager enters her office and says Nathalie must ask all candidates a crucial question concerning management experience. Feeling frantic, Nathalie jots the required question down on her notepad and begins the interviews.

Throughout the process, Nathalie continuously notices between phone screen interviews she has been forgetting to ask the question as it wasn’t part of her normal list of interview questions, only managing to get it in a few times–her morning has been so hectic she hasn’t been able to properly prepare for this.

She then realizes her two options: she can either risk coming across as unprofessional and offer a poor interview experience by phoning these candidates a second time to ask the question, or she must confront her hiring manager and explain that she did not ask this important question each time. Neither of these feels ideal for Nathalie, and right away she wonders how she can prevent this from happening again.

Situations like Nathalie’s probably sound quite familiar to many — an overwhelming workload that seems to keep piling up, and a deadline looming that leaves no room for mistakes. Luckily for many recruiters just like her, the solution to this mess is becoming increasingly popular for recruiting teams, and it is easing the frustration of trying to stay organized with a heavy workload.

With Pre-Recorded Interviewing, You’ll Never Miss Asking an Important Question Again

Recruiters are finding their solution to these types of problems through pre-recorded video interviewing. Pre-recorded interviewing essentially means candidates record their responses to screening questions from their own home on their computer or mobile devices, and submit it to Nathalie where she can watch, pause, rewind, or fast forward as she pleases.

The most crucial aspect for Nathalie in this scenario, however, is the fact that the recruiter and hiring manager have access to both write and edit the video interviewing questions, and decide the amount of time each candidate has to answer the questions. For Nathalie, it would have been as easy as logging onto the system and adding the question requested by her hiring manager, ensuring all candidates are provided with the question. This ensures fairness between candidates and consistency, leading to a fair selection process, all the while enabling her to select the best possible candidate for the job.

When balancing multiple open positions, the risk of a recruiter forgetting to ask an important question during an interview can increase significantly. If this has happened to you or your recruitment team, sign up for a live demo to learn how VidCruiter’s recruitment software will not only lessen your hiring team’s workload but also ensure that every candidate is always asked every question.