Have You Ever Mixed Up Candidates Answers After a Full Day of Interviewing?

Software so you don't ever mix up answers again

Why Is It Hard for Recruiters to Recall Details About Certain Candidates After Conducting Multiple Back-To-Back Interviews?

Recruiters have always had a difficult time trying to keep up when their day is filled with back-to-back interviews, trying to keep track of each applicant and their answers. The solution to this problem is one specific method that tackles every aspect of this issue quickly and efficiently.

More and more, recruiters find themselves faced with the dilemma of trying to conduct too many phone interviews within a short time span, all the while keeping track of specific details for each candidate’s answers to ensure the perfect candidate isn’t overlooked.

Margaret was under a tough deadline with a complicated task: she was to fill three positions before the end of the week and was starting to feel the strain of back-to-back phone screen interviews all day long. She tries her best to keep diligent notes during and after each applicant’s phone interview, but because of her deadline interviewing has been tight and Margaret is having difficulty finding time between screens.

At the end of the day, Margaret is trying to summarize her notes for the hiring managers and realizes she cannot distinguish between candidates. There have been so many interviews her memory has blended them together. She cannot tell the difference between each and her notes on paper just aren’t detailed enough. Margaret’s situation becomes even more troubling when she remembers that tomorrow morning, she must report to three hiring managers with detailed notes on each interview. At this point, she is feeling overwhelmed and nervous about the situation, and how she is going to prevent it from happening again in the future.

In order to ensure the right candidates are interviewed, Margaret ends up referring more finalists than needed. This, of course, is frustrating for the hiring manager as it is a waste of their time, and they are confused by Margaret’s lack of detailed notes. Margaret is left feeling frustrated, knowing this could be damaging to her reputation as a recruiter.

One-Way Interviewing Software Enables Recruiters to Never Mix Up Their Candidates’ Answers Again

Margaret’s problem is common, but there’s a solution. Recruiters like her have been continuously switching to one-way video interviewing for their screening needs in order to manage that time crunch and deliver the best possible shortlist to the hiring managers.

Video hiring is one way, meaning all Margaret has to do now is click ‘play’ to watch, ‘pause’ to take notes, ‘skip’ or ‘fast forward.’ If she finds a candidate to be unqualified, and she is able to replay the interview to watch again later, either for her own purposes or to share with the hiring manager.

Margaret can pick each interview question, and decide how long each candidate is given to answer. The system alerts Margaret by email when a candidate has submitted their interview, and he can watch on her desktop, laptop, or any other mobile device. This also takes pressure off of being constantly on the ball during and after interviews during a full day of scheduling, and even allows her to work from home if she chooses.

Video interviewing is quickly becoming the new standard for the hiring process, and the companies who are already on board are saving themselves time, resources, and importantly for people like Margaret, these companies are able to find the best possible candidates and feel confident when making these decisions.

If you are like other recruiters with a heavy workload, keeping detailed notes for every applicant can become a challenge. Learn more about the multiple ways that VidCruiter’s recruitment software ensures that your hiring team never mixes up candidate information again by signing up for a live demo today!