Have You Wasted Valuable Working Hours Trying to Set-Up the Perfect Interview Time?

Stop wasting time scheduling interviews manually

Why Recruiters Sometimes Struggle to Find a Suitable Interview Time That Works for Everyone

One of the hardest parts of the hiring process is dealing with multiple schedules to set up phone interviews that work for everyone. Interviewers say they waste too much time doing this on the phone with candidates, often with little success. Recruiter Shelley shared her story and how she overcame this age old problem, and how she now saves herself time to focus on the important stuff.

Everytime Shelley is called upon to fill an open position in her company, she dreads the most frustrating and time-consuming part of the process: the hours, even days, wasted on calling and emailing each candidate to schedule phone interviews.

Whenever Shelley reaches this point in her process, she knows she will spend her day trying to reach each individual applicant by phone and email, working around a number of different schedules at once, including her own, to make the screening process happen. Not only is this frustrating for her when she is trying to get organized, but she also knows that it is a major waste of time when she is approaching her requisition deadline.

The last time she went through this scheduling task, she even recalls that at least three different applicants were only available for screening at the exact same time, forcing her to extend her days for screening to accommodate everyone. This cut into the time she had planned to dedicate to her next set of qualifying interviews, causing her to panic even more about her deadline.

On-Demand Interviewing Ensures Recruiters Don’t Waste Time Scheduling Interviews

More frustrated and overwhelmed than ever, Shelley took to the internet to search for any possible solutions when she came across an on-demand video interviewing. Shelley discovered that video interviewing allowed candidates to record their interviews at home based on her set of questions, and submit them on their own time. This meant she no longer had to get in contact with each individual and find a time that worked for both of them to connect over the phone.

The solution to her pressing problems could be fixed easier than she ever thought, providing her with features she hadn’t even thought of before, such as the ability to allow time for a candidate’s answer, or press ‘pause’ or ‘rewind’ on an online interview whenever she needed. The pre-recorded video interviewing software allows her to select the amount of time for each answer, carefully write her own questions, watch them on her own time, and then save them for later. She couldn’t believe that the scheduling aspect of the screening process could not just be made fast and easier, but could be completely reinvented.

Shelley no longer dreads this stage of the hiring process, in fact, she looks forward to it as it’s a simple, enjoyable way to get to know a candidate and evaluate their qualifications in a minimal amount of time. Now, Shelley uses her extra time to more carefully assess her applicants to find the best ones, and can even finish her tasks before her deadlines.

Coordinating schedules is one of the time-consuming and frustrating parts of the recruitment process for most recruiters. Find out how VidCruiter’s recruitment software offers your HR team multiple ways to reduce the hassle of scheduling interviews by signing up for a live demo now!