Do You Have to Stay Late to Interview Candidates Who Are Only Available After Hours?

Don't stay late for inflexible candidates

Why It Can Be Difficult to Find an Interview Time That Works for Everyone

Recruiters must often work around a candidate’s schedule when lining up an interview, and that sometimes means staying after hours if the candidate is already employed. To avoid this, recruiters have been switching from phone screening to a time-saving solution.

One challenge a recruiter often faces is trying to interview a candidate who is already employed. Sometimes these candidates are the ones we want the most, but their current position limits their availability for interview scheduling.

Recruiters like Martin understand this all too well, such as the last time he used phone interviews to conduct screening. There were a number of candidates he strongly believed would make an excellent fit for an open position, but was having a hard time finding a time that worked for them to conduct these phone interviews, as they all worked between the hours of 9-5 during the week, and did not want their current employer to know they were interviewing for another position.

Because these candidates have the desired skill set and qualifications, Martin decided he was going to have to stay a few hours late to accommodate the scheduling conflict. He has a young family at home, and rarely has any downtime, so staying late is never easy for him.

That evening after work, Martin sat in his office and begins his phone calls. One candidate did not answer, and the other two he interviewed were not nearly as qualified as he thought. He left his office that evening thinking about the valuable time he wasted, wishing there was an easier way to go about this process.

On-Demand Interviews Enable You to Assess Candidates During Regular Hours, Regardless of When They Completed the Interview

None of us enjoy it, but recruiters have always been staying late for phone interviewing during a peak hiring season. It can be exhausting, tiring, and keeps us from time we should be spending relaxing or with our families.

For this reason, Martin and countless other recruiters have stopped conducting phone interviews, scheduling them after hours, and have started using on-demand video interview software instead. Video interviewing allows recruiters to set up their questions, and have candidates record their responses on their own time from home with their personal devices, and submit them for the recruiter to watch at their convenience.

This means Martin goes home a the end of the day and only has to worry about the candidates with difficult schedules the next morning when he comes into work. Then, he can watch the videos as many times as he likes and is even able to pause, fast-forward, skip, or rewind to make sure he is getting the most out of his screening process, and saving himself time while he does it.

Pre-recorded video interviewing software is an incredibly helpful tool for recruiters in all fields who struggle to make their schedule work alongside all of their candidates, eliminating the need for scheduling altogether. Now, Martin goes home on time every day and confidently manages to find the best fit for his company each time.

Having to stay after hours to conduct an interview can be a major inconvenience for recruiters. Find out how VidCruiter’s recruitment software can eliminate the need for your hiring team to work late by scheduling a product demo today!