Have You Ever Asked the Wrong Screening Question While Conducting Back-To-Back Interviews for Different Positions?

Make it impossible to ask the wrong questions

Why Is It Easy for Recruiters to Mix Up Questions When Simultaneously Interviewing Candidates for Multiple Positions?

Recruiters are often tasked to hire for more than one position at once and must do so on a tight deadline. This causes confusion and difficulties when it comes to staying organized.

All recruiters understand just how important it is to remain professional during the hiring process. This ensures the company maintains a strong reputation, and the candidate interviewing for the position has a positive experience as well.

What all recruiters also understand is maintaining this professionalism can sometimes prove to be difficult when we have multiple tasks on the go. When we are swamped with a workload, remaining organized often becomes its own challenge, an issue that is usually quite visible to not only our colleagues but the candidates we interview as well.

Recruiter Tracy had recently experienced this when she was in over her head in work, having been asked to hire for three separate departments, all in the same week. Because of her approaching deadlines, she had scheduled the screening for all three positions on the same day, conducted through phone interviews.

Tracy tried her best to keep notes on the details of each candidate she was interviewing — perhaps most importantly the position they were interviewing for — but she found herself needing to go through the process incredibly quickly, often losing track and asking a candidate a question meant for a completely different position. This mistake was extremely obvious, Tracy realized, and when she was forced to correct herself the candidate was clearly confused and unfocused.

After the finishing the interviews where she had made these errors, Tracy would hang up the phone feeling embarrassed and anxious, knowing she had most definitely interfered with the flow of the interview and lost focus herself because of the mistakes. Before her next call, she would take a deep breath and quickly review her notes on the next candidate, however, she knew she could not take too much time as she knew just how tight her schedule was that day.

Regardless of the amount of effort she put into staying organized during her interviews, because of her workload, it was simply never enough. She was left wondering whether or not there was any solution to avoid mixing up her questions again.

With On-Demand Interviewing You Will Never Mix Up Your Interview Questions Again

After some online research, Tracy decided to scrap phone interview screening and switched over to on-demand video interviewing software. For Tracy, this is a huge relief as she now feels as though she has the right tools to do her job.

Now, Tracy writes the interview questions for each individual position, and the candidate is automatically asked the correct ones by the software based on the position they are applying for. The candidates simply have to read the question, record their answer, and click “submit” for Tracy to review each interview whenever she pleases. This means it is impossible for her to mix up any interview questions, as the software does the asking for her.

Because she introduced pre-recorded video interviewing software into her hiring process, Tracy is easily able to manage the hiring for three positions at once, doing so with time to spare and the confidence she is representing her company with professionalism. Now, Tracy is able to spend this extra time ensuring the right quality employees are hired rather than using her time concerned with unnecessary tasks and problems.

When conducting screening interviews for multiple different roles at once, it can be difficult not to get the questions mixed up. Learn how VidCruiter’s recruitment software will ensure that every candidate is always asked the right interview questions by scheduling a product demo today.