Do You Find It Hard to Evaluate Candidates During a Screening Interview?

Make candidate evaluation easier during screening interviews

Why Can It Be Difficult for Recruiters to Consistently Evaluate Each Candidate

Recruiters have always had difficulty evaluating candidates in a fair, equal, and organized way that ensures the best quality candidate is hired. To guarantee this happens, recruiters have turned to standardized scoring with video hiring.

No matter how conscious we are of them, or how hard we try to avoid them, biases are an ever-present aspect of human nature, interfering with our decision-making on a daily basis. While we use these biases to make decisions based on our interests or beliefs, they often lead to negative outcomes or errors.

If anyone knows this, it’s David. Throughout David’s career in recruitment, he has made countless attempts to remain aware and careful of any potential biases in his hiring process. He knows when recruiters base their decisions on these biases, they are only serving their individual interests and not those of the company.

During his last recruitment process, David was searching for the perfect candidate to fill a space on the company’s sales team when he realized he had a number of familiar conflicts on his hands. The son of one of his superiors, who David also considers to be a colleague he is close friends with, had just graduated from college and had been selected to continue into the screening stage. Another candidate he spoke to during the qualifying stage over the phone, he bonded with through a shared love of the Boston Red Sox. Whether or not David is aware of these biases, they are still present in his selection process.

He is receiving emails and messages from his colleague asking him about his son’s progress in the process, and he can’t help but think that he would like to work with the candidate who shares his love for the Red Sox. This is making his decision even more difficult, as he is facing pressure as well as an inner conflict.

For many people like David, the question over the years has been “how do we avoid the almost unavoidable?” We all want to be fair and when making these choices, ensure everyone is given an equal opportunity so that the best candidate can be chosen with certainty.

Pre-Recorded Interviewing Is the Best Way to Consistently Evaluate Ever Candidate

These concerns of David’s have been erased with the help of a pre-recorded video interviewing software, designed specifically to make the screening process for recruiters like him not just easier, but unbiased as well. Included in this software is structured ratings, a tool recruiters and hiring managers can use to evaluate a candidate based on the specific criteria chosen by the company.

This system is standardized, therefore each candidate is evaluated on the exact same criteria, ensuring that the comparison between two candidates is objective and based on the best interests of the company as a whole. David is able to review each applicant’s video interview answers to one specific question back-to-back, making comparison much easier and thorough. He can also share these answers with the rest of his team, meaning biases are reduced through shared consensus.

The next time David goes through his hiring process, he can do so without fear of his individual beliefs, pressures, or interests getting in the way of finding the best quality candidate for his team.

With multiple factors coming into play, it can be extremely difficult for recruiters to objectively evaluate every single candidate for a position. Sign up for a live demo today to find out how VidCruiter’s recruitment software will make it significantly easier for your hiring team to consistently evaluate every single candidate on the same criteria.