Have You Ever Had a Phone Interview End Late and Mess Up Your Entire Day?

Keep interviews on track and on time

Why Is It Difficult to Keep Your Schedule Intact While Conducting Multiple Back-to-Back Interviews?

Recruiters often deal with the issue of back-to-back interviews running late, disrupting an entire day’s worth of scheduled phone interviews. To end this recurring dilemma, recruiters have turned to one brilliant solution.

Getting through a day with back-to-back scheduled phone interviews is challenging enough, but this can turn stressful very fast when one interview runs late, derailing the rest of the interviews for the entire day.

Rhonda, an experienced recruiter, is no stranger to this scenario. A few months ago, she was hiring for a position with a large number of candidates, and because of the limited amount of time she was given, she was forced to schedule a full day of interviews with no break. Having done this before, she knew to come to work that day organized and ready for a long day.

Unfortunately, what recruiters like Rhonda are rarely able to prepare for is when one or two interviews run late, causing the rest of the interviews to begin late as well. This happened to Rhonda when she was three interviews in: the candidate did not pick up the phone on the first attempt to call them, and then their answers were long and off-topic. This interview had gone 15 minutes over, meaning she would have to apologize for being 15 minutes late for each interview for the rest of the day.

She worked through her lunch in an attempt to catch up, only to have the same situation occur right after her lunch. Not only does this cause her to appear unprofessional and disorganized to candidates, but it adds stress to an already busy day.

Rhonda also knew applicants are typically quite nervous for phone interviews in the first place, so when the call comes late, they can easily feel thrown off and tense, setting up a negative interview experience.

Stay on Schedule by Enabling Candidates to Complete the Interview on Their Own Time with One-Way Interviewing

After Rhonda finally completed her interviews, she decided to conduct some online research to find out if there was a way to prevent this from happening again. When she came across one-way video interviewing, she knew she found her perfect solution.

Now, Rhonda no longer has to go into work for days with back-to-back interviews, and never has to worry about an interview running late. Video interviewing software eliminates the need for scheduling by allowing candidates to pre-record their answers to the provided questions at home from their own devices. Once finished, all they have to do is submit them for Rhonda to watch in her office at her convenience.

If she needs a break, she can pause the video, or if she missed something, there is a rewind option. Another feature Rhonda loves that saves her even more time is the ability to skip and fast forward if she begins an interview and realizes the candidate is not qualified.

After so many years of conducting these phone interviews, Rhonda can’t believe how easy the screening process has become, and instead of preparing herself for a stressful day, now looks forward to coming into work.

When a recruiter has a full day of back-to-back screening interviews scheduled, having a delay in one can significantly disrupt the rest. Participate in a live demo today to find out how VidCruiter’s recruitment software will eliminate a late interview from interfering with other scheduled events.