Are Your Candidates Gaining an Unfair Advantage Because They Found Your Screening Interview Questions Online?

Candidates gain an advantage from leaked interview questions

Why Candidates Who Find Your Questions Online Are Able to Cheat Your Interview Process

As the internet grows as a source of every kind of information, recruiters are discovering that their interview questions, process, and strategies are being posted in online forums (an example of a forum can be found here), making the possibility of cheating more likely.

While we can’t stop people from posting this information online, recruiters have started using pre-recorded video interviewing to stop this information from being completely accurate.

It’s incredibly difficult to keep up with the internet and everything it does. The possibilities of available information are endless, so it’s quite common for something to slide by us because we were not aware.

This recently happened to Bonnie, a long-time recruiter for a large clothing company with a fairly steady employee turnover rate due to many employed at lower levels being teenagers or students. Because of this, Bonnie was almost always conducting interviews and had enough practice that she has the perfect set of questions and format. She loved her interview routine, particularly for the screening stage where she was required to conduct phone interviews for large numbers of candidates. No matter who she called, she always knew exactly what to ask and in what order, and that made her day go by that much smoother.

She thought she had perfected this aspect of her job until one day, she was in the lunchroom with a group of students she recently hired who was talking as though she weren’t even there. They were talking about how they had been hired and started talking about the website Glassdoor, one Bonnie was familiar with to post open positions and advertisements. What she wasn’t familiar with was the section of the site where users could create forums discussing interview questions and strategies, and heard many of the students state that those forums is how they believe they were hired here. They openly bragged about finding every single question in Bonnie’s screening interview, and how easy it was to give the perfect answer based on this information.

Some of the questions were reliant on candidates thinking on the spot, and many were created with the intention of catching someone off guard. Upset and confused, Bonnie went back to her office to find this Glassdoor forum herself and had no trouble bringing up the page with a quick search. She couldn’t believe her entire interview, the one she had spent years perfecting, was right there on the internet for anyone and everyone to see. She felt humiliated and cheated, wondering if this had anything to do with the high rate employees had been let go lately due to poor quality.

Not only did she find her own company’s interview questions, but there were others as well. While clicking through them, she found a posting for another retail chain complaining that these forums were ineffective due to their new method of screening that they had recently implemented. Desperate to stop this from happening again, Bonnie began to read about this new method in hopes that it may be able to help her as well.

How On-Demand Interviewing Prevents Cheating with Convenient Question Randomization

This method that other retail companies had been switching to prevent online cheating was called on-demand video interviewing. It was becoming increasingly popular as it provided solutions to problems recruiters have had no choice to live with for years, as well as those problems that were growing with the advancement of the internet.

Video interviewing software provides candidates with the questions, chosen by the recruiter and hiring manager, to answer on their own devices. Candidates then simply submit the questions, and they can be viewed by both the recruiter and hiring manager at their earliest convenience.

Upon further reading, Bonnie sees exactly how this system can help solve her problem: questions within a given subject are randomized, meaning there is no way to tell which candidate will receive which question, and it becomes extremely unlikely that two candidates will be given the same set exactly. Recruiters are able to prescribe as many different possible questions as they like about their given topic, and may choose as many topics as they like as well.

Now, when Bonnie hires a new employee, she knows she is hiring an honest employee who possesses all the qualifications they say they do and no longer has to worry about cheating online.

Online forums, such as Glassdoor, can give candidates an unfair advantage by allowing them to provide scripted responses to screening questions. Find out how VidCruiter’s recruitment software can help recruiters receive more genuine candidate responses by booking a live demo today.