Are You Concerned with Candidates Sharing Your Interview Questions with Each Other

Candidates often share interview questions with each other

Why Are Candidates Able to Easily Share Interview Questions?

Recruiters are noticing an increase in candidates sharing interview questions with another, giving those who have not yet conducted their interview an unfair advantage. Interviewers are overcoming this issue by using randomized interview questions with a pre-recorded interviewing software, a system that solves many screening problems.

For the longest time, candidates interviewing for the same position have been tipping one another off on the interview questions so they can come prepared with the perfect answer. This happens a lot with students, Glassdoor, or online forums where candidates are able to access hundreds of interview questions for nearly any company they are applying to.

Typically, what happens is two or more applicants will know one another, and whoever is interviewed first will provide the others with the interview structure, and any questions they may not expect. This is frustrating as it not only creates an unequal screening process but could lead the recruiter to select the dishonest candidate if they are able to provide the best answers.

Recruiters like Maria are aware this happens and try their best to detect or prevent it in the first place, but there is almost no way to avoid this issue. She can try switching the questions from time to time, but to manually keep track of who she asked what is a time consuming and complicated task. She tried to figure out whether candidates knew one another through social media, but this method was flawed as well due to security settings and the fact there is no way to prove candidates may have been speaking to one another.

Maria recently completed a round of screening interviews over the phone and found herself wondering whether or not this had just happened to her. One candidate towards the end, she remembers, seemed very rehearsed and strangely prepared. This candidate quickly and smoothly answered a question she designed specifically in hopes of catching applicants off guard, a method she uses to ensure sincerity in responses.

In this case, however, Maria has no way of proving whether or not this candidate spoke to another, and must proceed to assume that they have not done so. This frustrates Maria as she feels this is a strong possibility and must decide whether to disqualify someone who is either dishonest or the best quality candidate for the position.

Use Pre-Recorded Interviewing to Easily Randomize Your Interview Questions and Deter Candidates from Cheating

Maria’s problem is not just an old one, but a really common one as well. To help with this, she purchased software with pre-recorded video interviewing to help keep her screening processes clear and honest.

On-demand video interviewing gives recruiters the option to randomize the questions they write for themselves, making the strategy of randomizing questions for candidates a possible and manageable one. This minimizes the likelihood two candidates will be asked to answer the same set of questions, giving the recruiter satisfaction that all questions have been answered with fairness and honesty. Recruiters are also able to choose unlimited variations of possibilities for each question in the interview, which are randomized. This ensures no two candidates receive the exact same set of interview questions, thus eliminating the probability of applicants sharing questions with one another.

Since her last screening experience, Maria made the switch to video interviewing software and is now confident that she no longer has to worry about this type of dishonesty, and can focus her time on her candidates.

If your interview questions are being shared, certain candidates may gain an unfair advantage. Book a product demo of VidCruiter’s recruitment software to discover how features, such as the question randomizer, will ensure that every candidate has an equal opportunity during the screening interview.