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Remote work is becoming increasingly common in modern businesses.

More and more employees are allowed (or even required) to work from home and outsourcing is quickly becoming a standard in certain industries. With VidCruiter’s video interviewing platform, you can cut down on recruiting expenses and meet remote applicants easily and efficiently in a secure online environment.

The Most Advanced Video Interviewing Technology On the Market Today

VidCruiter’s video interviewing tools are built on a WebRTC platform, which is on average six times faster than most video providers on the market and offers optimal quality for successful online interviews, every time.

Involve As Many Reviewers As You Wish

With VidCruiter’s easy to use online video interviewing software, you can have as many decision makers as you want attend and weigh in on an applicant’s interview. Either share a single candidate’s profile link, or have multiple hiring managers review and evaluate all applicant’s video responses for a particular position.

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Level The Playing Field With Structured Interview Guides

Reduce personal bias within your interview process and have all your candidates evaluated fairly using the same rating scales. Structured interview guides can be embedded into your video interviews so your team can easily evaluate and associate a score to each answer in real time. On top of that, our system automatically ranks your applicants from most qualified to least qualified based on your criteria.

Mobile-friendly Live Conferencing and Asynchronous Video interviews

Have your applicants apply and complete their video interviews from a mobile device. VidCruiter’s entire recruitment software offering is available on all device types, including desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet.

Automatically or Manually Schedule Your Live Video Interviews

With VidCruiter automated scheduler, simply pre-set your availability for live video interviews and have your applicants schedule themselves in when it’s most convenient for them. Stop playing phone tag and struggling to coordinate schedules with your candidates, VidCruiter’s automated scheduler enables you to effortlessly book any recruitment event.

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Screen Your Applicants Before a Live Video Interview

Include pre-recorded video interviewing into the mix to further screen and pre-qualify applicants before committing to a one-on-one live video interview. Asynchronous or pre-recorded video interviewing allows candidates to record themselves answering your typical telephone interview questions on video on their own time so that you can review and score them at your leisure.

VidCruiter Is More Than Just a Canadian Video Interviewing Solution

With VidCruiter, your organization will have access to a complete suite of recruitment products designed to help throughout the hiring process. Whether you are interested in implementing the entire platform, or you want to get started with just one of the many available tools, VidCruiter’s recruitment software has the solution for you.

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“Good use for remote & sales interviews. We have continuously using vidcruiter & obtain great use & results.”

Ram Dantuluri

Lead-Talent Acquisition
IT Convergence

“It was a huge time saver for us– allowed us to easily interview candidates from all across the country remotely, and in a way that still felt personal.”

Maddie Elkus

Recruiting and Operations Manager
Inspiring Capital

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