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Since our foundation in 2009, VidCruiter has been working closely with school districts all over the world to help streamline their recruitment efforts.

Over the years, the education sector has consistently been one of our most important verticals and we have developed tools tailored specifically to the realities of teacher recruiting.

Digital Interviewing Software Built With Teacher Recruiting in Mind

Recruiting teachers is no walk in the park. The simple fact that teachers interact with young students on a daily basis means that the screening process for these individuals needs to be extremely thorough. With this in mind, VidCruiter has developed tools specifically designed to help identify and screen the best possible candidates for this difficult job efficiently, and with much more certainty.

The Lesson Plan Upload Feature: A Must Have In Your Recruitment Tool-kit!

VidCruiter has created a lesson plan upload feature, which enables hiring teams to watch and evaluate a video of candidates teaching a class before bringing them in for an in-person interview. Additionally, you can have teachers upload various class materials or other assisting documents for review by the hiring committee and complete time-sensitive skills test and project-based assessments to accurately gauge their level of competency. Our extensive list of clients in the education sector love this feature because they get the complete picture of a candidate when the time comes to make final hiring decisions.

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Eliminate Involuntary Bias With Structured Rating Rubrics

In traditional unstructured interviews, the interviewer’s decisions with regard to an applicant are often susceptible to personal bias. Their first impression and/or final judgement can be influenced by characteristics or opinions which have little to do with the candidate’s actual qualifications. With structured interviews and rating scales, candidates are selected to move forward in the hiring process based on objective scoring and ranking rather than subjective instincts.

Easily Conduct Online Panel Interviews

With both VidCruiter’s on-demand and live video interviews, you can easily involve as many hiring managers and reviewers as you need in the interview process. Whether a principal, superintendent or fellow recruiter joins a panel interview in real-time or they review a profile or pre-recorded interview that is shared with them, they can provide feedback on any candidate and offer their contribution to the decision making process. This also simplifies the lives of applicants by not having to meet with principals separately at every school.

Digital Interviewing Software Designed For All Levels of Education, Including K-12 Online Programs

VidCruiter has worked with all levels of the education sector, from individual schools to school districts to post-secondary education, charter schools and K-12 online programs. Not only does VidCruiter help ensure your team is making the best possible hiring decisions, but the overall candidate experience is also significantly improved as a result.

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A Complete Suite of Online Tools Designed to Help You Hire Better Teachers and Substitute Teachers More Efficiently

The education sector has consistently been one of the most significant verticals that VidCruiter has served throughout the years. We are proud to provide schools and school districts all over the world with a complete and robust recruitment-software offering to optimize all aspects of their recruitment workflow.

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VidCruiter has the solutions to help schools with the entire recruitment workflow. From applicant tracking, to video interviewing, automated reference checking, and even our signature lesson plan upload feature, our tools were designed to improve efficiency at every stage of the process.

With end-to-end recruitment software, your team will have everything they need to hire the best teachers in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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“The team are extraordinary and they have gone above and beyond to make adjustments and customize VidCruiter to meet are needs and ease of use. Their support and customer service is beyond measure. The program is efficient and very easy to use. Plus you have all the information you need right at your finger tips.”

Holly Thiel

Recruitment Officer
Canadian Coast Guard College

“Our school network has been using vidcruiter for a little over a year. We have been very pleased with the product. Our applicants have not had a trouble accessing the video interview software. The customer service is an excellent customer and the customizable software to meet all of our needs.”

Amy Blescia

Assistant Director of Teacher Recruitment Education Management
Mastery Charter School

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