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Stay Organized with a Video Recruiting Platform

Easily Take Notes Throughout the Video Recruiting Platform

Not only does our video recruiting platform allow you to rate applicants, but you also have the option to take your own personal notes! Quality note taking is an important part of structured interviews, one of the leading ways to properly identify quality candidates. Writing detailed reports takes time…more time than you may have available. Our tools allow you to take notes in the system with ease.

video recruiting platform

VidCruiter’s Software Saves All Your Notes Safely

All of the notes you take will be available within our reporting tools for as long as you need. You will also have the option to share with other employees or other stakeholders. Our note-taking system is built with different levels of permissions for your convenience. Notes can be seen by you, only certain people, or everyone – it’s completely your choice.

video recruitment platform

Video Recruiting Is the Green Way to Hire

VidCruiter allows you to get rid of your filing cabinets as all your recruitment information is stored digitally. You can eliminate the mounds of paper that old forms of recruiting used to require. Video Recruiting is the future and will save you both time and money. You will no longer face more confusion with multiple tabs open, and you do not need to waste any more paper! Video recruiting allows you to lower power consumption, lower the number of people per applicant ratio, and use less fuel on both sides of recruitment. At VidCruiter, we pride ourselves in helping the environment with our software, one video interview at a time.

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