Validate and Qualify Candidates in a Fraction of the Time

VidCruiter is the most efficient and cost-effective way to conduct employment verifications and validate your candidates’ work history without the hassle.

A More Efficient Way to Verify Employment History

Verifications of employment can be extremely time consuming, but don’t always add a lot of insights into your candidates. With VidCruiter’s VidReferencing solution, hiring teams can gather information on candidates’ work history without picking up the phone or having to chase down references.

Collect Valuable Insights While Candidates Do the Legwork

With VidReferencing, the burden of ensuring reference checks are completed is returned to the applicant. At the click of a button, recruiters can send out unlimited reference requests via email. Making sure the forms are completed then falls onto the candidate by recommending they reach out to their references to make sure they respond in a timely manner.

Jennifer, Recruiter

Five out of Five Stars

VidCruiter is the most helpful team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The best customer service you will ever receive. Words cannot express my appreciation for all that they do.

Crystal, Recruiter

Five out of Five Stars

When selecting candidates remotely, we were having problems finding foolproof ways to engage and vet them. VidCruiter took the time to get to know our unique interviewing needs and continue to help adjust as we grow.

Ask for as Many References as You Want

When it comes to reference checks, one or two often isn’t enough to get a complete picture of a candidate’s employment history. But collecting references from multiple employers takes time and rarely produces the intended results. With VidReferencing, reference checks are conducted at the click of a button, allowing you to ask for as many references as you want.

Enjoy Better Response Rates and More Insightful References

Allowing referees to answer questions at their convenience greatly increases the likelihood they complete the process. The added convenience also allows for more time to think about their answers to each question, resulting in more truthful and insightful testimonials.

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