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Digital Interviews Are Applicant-Friendly

Applicants Love Digital Interviews

Digital interviewing is successful because it not only focuses on saving your company time and money but also values the candidate experience. Applicants love the fact that digital interviewing is simple and easy to use! Applicants have the opportunity to voice their opinion through candidate surveys and have provided great feedback, which gives further proof that digital interviews are the future of recruiting.

Digital Interview

The Digital Interview Offers a Comforting Experience for the Applicants

Applicants prefer digital interviews over face-to-face because of the flexibility they provide. With VidCruiter, applicants can complete their digital interview anywhere they have an internet connection on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones! Applicants receive the comforting feeling of being interviewed in the setting of their choice. By polling candidates, we found that many applicants prefer digital interviews over having to deal with gridlocked traffic or flying to the business to meet in person. Candidates love the amazing time management – no matter how hectic their schedule is, they can squeeze in a digital interview. Candidates no longer have to be nervous about making a mistake because unlike face-to-face interviews a digital interview provides the ability to re-record their answers.

Digital Interview Experience

Applicants Love That This Software Is Fair for Everyone

VidCruiter provides the means to perform structured interviews, which gives all candidates the best opportunity to receive a fair evaluation. Pre-recorded digital interview questions allow candidates to know that everyone is receiving the same digital interview. Using VidCruiter’s advanced Rating System is another way to ensure every candidate gets an equal opportunity. Incorporating VidCruiter into your hiring process improves your company’s brand by building applicants’ trust.

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