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Have Your Own Branded Webcam Interviews

Your Branding Throughout the Recruitment Process

Branding is an important part of the recruitment process and another opportunity for your company to interact with the public. At VidCruiter, we take your company’s branding during your recruitment process very seriously. We want you to portray a professional image and your applicants to believe they are always interacting with your brand! This is why applicants will be viewing your branded career pages and your branded webcam interviews throughout the entire process. You can also set it up so that different applicants view different brands, if needed. Every product VidCruiter offers allows for maximum branding.

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Our Platform Makes It Easy to Brand Your Company

Sure there are free video conference platforms on the market, but they do not supply you with the professional brand placement that you need. Each step of the process will be about your company and no one else’s. Applicants need to know more about you and what you stand for, and VidCruiter does just that!

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Allow Applicants to Learn More About Your Company with Branded Videos

The moment the applicant begins to use our interview system they will be able to learn more about your company and brand, especially if you are using our video messaging capabilities. Our system allows you to place videos of your team that portray your true brand personality and company culture at any time during the application process. This unique type of branding will help applicants understand if they will be a good culture fit within your organization. VidCruiter allows you to deliver a clear message to applicants about your brand.

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