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Say Goodbye to Reference Calls

Gather insights into candidates from references—with zero phone calls!

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Time-Saving Automated Reference Checking from VidCruiter

Check References Anytime in the Hiring Process

Traditional reference checks are time-consuming, which is why most organizations save them for finalists. But what happens if you get bad references that late in the process? VidCruiter’s automated reference checking is so easy, it empowers recruiters to ask for references at any point in the hiring process.

Applicants Do the Work Instead of You

It’s up to applicants—not you—to ensure references get completed. Candidates ask each of their referees to complete a private online assessment—and these answers are kept entirely confidential. This frees up valuable time you can spend working on other HR priorities.

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“VidCruiter is a very efficient and user-friendly platform. It has provided us the ability to manage a high volume selection process in a very timely manner.”

Madelaine B. | Recruiter

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“Given our high application volume, VidCruiter has allowed us for additional screening before making a decision on a candidate without having to do a phone screen which can be very time consuming.”

Valerie S. | Recruiter

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Enjoy a Better Response Rate

Getting referees on the phone to chat about candidates can be difficult. Now, referees can answer questions at their convenience—and you can review them on your own schedule.

As Many Reference Checks as You Need

Ask for as many references as you want—and still do less work! The more references you have for each candidate, the more insights and different perspectives you’ll have, which often leads to better hiring decisions.

Customize and Standardize Your Reference Process

Choose what questions you’d like referees to answer, and decide the best format for the references, too. They can be written, audio or video, but they all produce a record to ensure reference checks were completed properly.

Reference Check Scoring

Get an automatic, consolidated score based on how references rate candidates. The ability to score reference checks makes it easier to quickly identify top candidates.

More Honest, Reliable References

Referees are often more candid when they have time to think about their responses. Unlike undocumented phone conversations, knowing their reference will be kept on file holds referees more accountable for their words and opinions.

Integrate VidCruiter with the tools you already love

VidCruiter works alongside many other well-known recruitment platforms—so you can work however works best for you. We’re the ultimate add-on to your favorite online hiring tools, delivering feature-packed, customizable and entirely seamless integrations.

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