The VidCruiter Team Is Here to Help You Discover and Acquire Talent Across the World

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Our team has combined the wisdom of operational management experts, human resources specialists, serial-entrepreneurs, business development consultants, top marketers, and of course a great information technology team to build one of the most advanced video recruiting platforms on the market.

Our goal is to get you to use, love, and benefit from VidCruiter. We continue to innovate in all dimensions of recruiting, and we can proudly say that we are the first company to build a recruitment software that can act as your complete applicant hiring system. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our products and our culture. If you need assistance with any aspect of what we do, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Sean Fahey Founder
Mike Wojcenovich Co-Founder

Each of Our Products Were Created for a Specific Reason and Has Its Own Unique Value for Your Recruitment Team

When Sean Fahey was employed by an insurance firm, he was asked to recruit 200 people in a short period of time. This experience made Sean realize not only that the traditional recruiting could be significantly improved through automation and technology, but that he could help make it happen. Simply too much time was wasted on tasks that could have been performed by software and video. Sean partnered with Mike Wojcenovich to help make the system a reality. Enter VidCruiter, a complete recruiting solution that simplifies the hiring process while enhancing the quality of applicants.

Online Software Testing

Our team then decided to build the next component of our recruiting software technology: VidInterviewing. This internet interview tool allows companies to replace phone interviews and in some cases the first in-person interview. It is an excellent tool for remote hiring situations.

Online Software Testing

The third tool dealt with the reference checking process. Our product makes online reference checking easy, efficient, and effective.


Our tools combine to form VidHiring: The Complete Hiring System. Since the initial release of our Applicant Hiring System, we have continued to innovate and improve the capacities of our Applicant Hiring System by adding the following products:


This tool was designed to enable live video interviews. It’s 6 times better quality than current live technology and requires no downloading of any software. We use WebRTC, the newest kind of video technology on the market.

VidCruiter Audio Interviewing

This tool was designed to enable contact centers to hire better quality employees. Interviews can now take place over the phone. The system rates, and qualifies applicants for your needs.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.