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Who We Are

For over a decade, VidCruiter has been empowering employers and job applicants to help them find the perfect fit.

It’s no wonder why tens of thousands of recruiters around the world trust our online hiring solutions.

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VidCruiter’s unique approach is driven by four principles

Recruitment Process Modelling

Recruitment Process Modelling

We build custom solutions that conform to your existing recruitment workflow.

Recruitment Accessibility

Recruitment Accessibility

Our software is available on any device in any language for all users.

Based On Science and Research

Based On Science and Research

Our team knew that the most advanced HR research should be incorporated into our products.

Process Improvements

Process Improvements

Our team acts as trusted advisors and analyzes your recruitment process.

Our Mission

To help our clients build a customized recruitment process that delivers the highest-quality employees in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Empowered Client

Who We Help

VidCruiter brings value to most mid-to-large-sized organizations. Since our software is custom-made, we’re able to tailor it to meet the needs of many different industries and all levels of government.

VidCruiter makes it possible to hire great people anywhere on earth.

Trusted By 125,000+ Recruiters

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In 2009, Sean Fahey was tasked with hiring 200 people in a short period of time.

Through that experience, he realized first-hand how slow, inefficient, and frustrating traditional hiring processes could be.

Sean knew there must be a better way to hire. So, he set out to fix this, partnering with Mike Wojcenovich to help make his vision a reality.

Sean Fahey


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Sean fahey
mike wojcenovich

Mike Wojcenovich


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Our Values & Company Culture

Unbeatable Support

Unbeatable Support

We provide the ultimate online hiring experience for our clients and their applicants.

Security and Compliance

Security & Compliance

We take every security precaution to keep your data—and that of your candidates—safe.

Human resources

Keeping the Human in Human Resources

We believe there will always be a place for humans within HR. That’s why we’re wary of artificial intelligence, and why we believe structured interview guides are a better bet.

top talent

Top Talent Lives Anywhere

We believe in hiring only the best people—and those individuals may live outside the city, country, or continent as HQ. We’re pro remote work.


Inclusive Hiring

We make every effort to minimize hiring bias and promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) by building people-first recruitment processes.

environmentally friendly

Environmentally-Friendly Recruitment

We value corporate social responsibility and sustainability, which is one of the reasons we promote paperless, digital hiring practices.

Our Team

We like to think of ourselves as a hockey team, passing the puck from one star player to the next, making goal after goal. That’s how we help recruiters win the hiring game. We always keep our stick on the ice, so as the world of work changes, we’re ready for it. We never stop innovating.

When you become a VidCruiter customer, we treat you like you’re a part of our team. Our team grows when we’re successful in helping teams like yours grow, too.

We’re rooting for you!

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